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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Summer Trip Is On Again!!

My mother is doing much better!  Her recovery did cause us to cancel the Spartan Homecoming trip to Charlotte, MI, but Spartan worked with me and we have a factory appointment during the week after the IRV2 rally in Dundee, Ohio.

My mother had an appointment on Wednesday with the Cardiologist, and that went well.  I asked him if she could do a road trip.  He lives down the street from me, so he knew the trip would be in the Bus……. so he said “OK”!  Today, we saw the surgeon and he removed the tube that was inserted into her stomach and extended out of her left side.  He said she was healing well, and said that if she wanted to do an RV trip, it was fine with him!! 

She has never been away from home for a month, so when we discussed it, she wasn’t sure.  I then bribed her with a visit to a relative that she really likes and hasn’t seen for many years, plus I told her that we would return through Oklahoma and visit some casinos that conduct high dollar bingos.  I am not sure which part of the bribe sold her, but she is ready to go!!!

We have one more doctor’s appointment on Monday with our family physician, and we plan to hit the road Tuesday afternoon.  We are waiting that long to make sure there are no problems with the tube removal, plus, she has a hair appointment at 2:00pm on Tuesday!!!  Yesterday, she had her hair done for the first time since she entered the hospital.  Here she is returning from the appointment:

Mom after Surgery 002

Mom after Surgery 003

Patsy and I are anxious to hit the road, and I think the trip will be a good experience for my mom.  We will spend this weekend packing and completing our plans. 

More from the road next week!!!!!

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