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Thursday, June 18, 2009

IRV2 Rally – Day 5

The rally had a light schedule today, so we planned on driving to Hartville, OH, which is located a little north of Canton. We actually passed the Football Hall of Fame enroute!

Our destination was the Hartville Market, which is a big flea market that had a large enclosed area the sold meats & Cheeses, clothing, and most everything else. Outside, they had the equivalent of a farmer’s market that not only had fruits and vegetables, but plants and flowers as well. Here are a couple of pictures:

The marketplace……..

IRV2 -Day 5 002

Mom resting after a lot of walking……

IRV2 -Day 5 004

Patsy doing some serious shopping….

IRV2 -Day 5 006

Along the way, we saw a lot of Amish sightings, which we find interesting. The first was a man and his son on the way to the livestock auction with a pig in the trailer……

IRV2 -Day 5 001

and a lady picking fruit from a tree…..

IRV2 -Day 5 009

The following are general pictures that we took while driving the roads…….

IRV2 -Day 5 010

IRV2 -Day 5 012

IRV2 -Day 5 013

IRV2 -Day 5 015

IRV2 -Day 5 016

IRV2 -Day 5 018

IRV2 -Day 5 017

IRV2 -Day 5 021

When we got close to our campground, we took a side road that ran up behind it. We were able to get an elevated picture of the campground. Our Bus is the ‘black’ spot in the center of the picture…..

IRV2 -Day 5 026

Tonight, we had an ice cream social with ‘soft serve’ provided by the campground. At the gathering, prizes were given out. Patsy and I won a $50 Love’s fuel card for traveling the furthest distance and another $50 gift card from RV Upgrades for the closest guess of the total round trip mileage for all attendees at the rally.

There was also a “Chinese auction”, where you buy tickets and put them in a container by a prize, and then winning tickets are drawn. I bought $20 worth of tickets, and distributed them to the prizes that I wanted. There were four that I really wanted, and I won three of them!!

I won a ‘campfire in a can’ which is a propane campfire with wood-like pieces in the fire, a metal water hose, and a flag pole. The flag pole is the type that has a foot that fits under a tire on the Bus. We were really lucky!!

Here is a picture of Patsy picking up our fuel card……

IRV2 -Day 5 028

Tomorrow is the final ‘full’ day of the rally. A catered breakfast is scheduled, along with an Amish buggy ride (Mom should like that!!!!), a basket making session, and a session on the IRV2 new software. Patsy and I will also pick up some baskets that we had custom made for the Bus, and a piece of hickory furniture.

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ralph & carolyn said...

where do i need to send a Texas A&M Flag to fly on your new flagpole.

ralph & carolyn