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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Lone Star Allegroes -- La Grange, TX

We are camping this weekend with 13 rigs from the Lone Star Allgero Group. We are at the Colorado Landing Campground in La Grange. It turned out to be a very nice campground even though it is also a mobile home park with a lot of permanent residents. The camping sites are at the back end along the river, and very well layed out.

On Friday night, we went out to eat. There were two groups......... Mexican food or steaks! We went for the steak, and there were 11 of us. We traveled about 10 miles to The Holman Family Steakhouse in Holman Valley, TX. Here are some pictures..........

There will be a second post on this weekend tomorrow!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory

On Wednesday, Patsy and I took a road trip. We went to the Bastrop State Park to check out the facilities. Like Lake Somerville, it is a very nice park with good camping sites. It also has a large swimming pool. We did not, however, take any photos!

On the way back to Lake Somerville, we had planned on going through Brenhem, TX to visit the Blue Bell Creamy. During the trip, we had the chance to go to the other campground associated with the Lake Somerville State Park, the Nails Creek Unit. It was not as nice as the Birch Creek area, and it was much more isolated and out of the way.

We got to Brenham right at 4:00PM, and the last tour was at 4:00PM.......... and we just barely made it. They did not allow cameras on the tour, so no pictures, but we did get to sample some ice cream............ now I have a new favorite, Pecan Praline Ice Cream!!

Here are a few pictures of the grounds:

We left Lake Somerville on Thursday at about noon, and headed to the Colorado Landing campground in La Grange, TX to meet for a weekend rally with the Lone Star Allegro club. More on that later........................

Lake Somerville State Park -- Birch Creek Cmgrd

We left Corsicana on Tuesday morning and drove toward our next weekend rally at La Grange, TX. We had looked at the state park campgound sites, and decided on the Birch Creek campground at the Lake Somerville State Park near Somerville, TX. When we checked in, they offered us a 'park host' site that was vacant. It had full hookups......... sewer connections are unusual in a state park campground. Here are a few pictures of our site:

There was a lot of wildlife in the park. We were surprised to see so many cardinals. We got a couple of pictures of animals and birds in the park:

The park itself was very nice and well-kept. Here are a few general pictures:
The park also has a "trailer group camping" area. It would be perfect for an RV rally, or the GCRVG campoout. It has a dining hall with tables, stove, microwave, and restrooms. It is surrounded by 14 RV sites with 50amp hookups with water. The cost is $75/day for the hall, plus $16 per night for each campsite.......... and they only charge for the number of sites used. The area is separate from other sites, and secluded. Here are some photos:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend with the Texas Boomers - Part 2

The rest of the Boomers started showing up on Friday. We took the time to visit some of the local attractions while they set up. We went to the Russell Stover Candies factory store and got a few chocolate bargains at the store. We also went to the Colling Street Bakery, which is famous in Texas for making fruit cakes at Christmas, as well as other good baked goods:

We spent most of Friday and Saturday with the Boomers....... eating and visiting. Here are a few pictures. The first shows one of the ladies, Kye Ferguson, who stood on her feet for about 4 hours making 80 fresh egg rolls for the dinner:

Here's a picture of the official Margarita maker doing her thing..........

....... and then her husband, doing his thing (tasting!!)

Others just ate and visited.............

One of the "planned" events of the weekend was the 'second childhood' birthday party for one of the members...... Hamie Wright. He had managed to get a motorcycle and ride it from Virginia to Texas (or something like that), and so the rally leader decided to harrass him with a party. He was good natured about it as he unwrapped all of the kid's toys!

On Sunday afternoon, Patsy and I went to checkout another couple of local Texas State Parks. Here are some pictures from the Fort Parker State Park............

On Monday morning, we broke camp and headed south to Lake Somerville State Park, where we plan to spend a few days until the Lone Star Allegros rally in La Grange, TX next weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend with the Texas Boomers - Part 1

We left home on Wednesday, and headed to the American RV Park in Corsicana, TX to attend the Texas Boomers Rally. As we exited the interstate at Corsicana, we ran over something in the road, and got a flat on the driver's side rear dual tire. I like having the PressurePro system, because it alerted me immediately, otherwise, I might have driven for a while on the remaining dual tire, which would have been greatly overloaded, and might have blown!!

Before we left home, I had changed the mount on my PressurePro monitor. I can now see it better when in the driver's seat. Here's a picture of the new location, as well as a picture of one of the wheels showing the sensors with a closeup of a sensor:

Here's a picture of the guy patching the tire:

We were the first to show up for the rally, which we expected. We had planned to be early because we wanted to drive a loop and see several Texas State Parks....... especially the Dinosar Valley State Park, where we plan to take the grandkids in two weeks. Rick, Laura, and Deanne also plan to meet us there for the weekend. Here are some of the Dinosar Valley State Park:

We also drove into the town of Glen Rose, TX, near the park. They have a small park with a shallow water area, and a lot of rocks. Matthew loves rocks and will like climbing here. Mom had better bring a lot of knee bandages!!

Also, just down the road from the state park, they have a new attraction that the kids may like. We are going to let Mom and Dad make that decision, and then they can take them!!

Part 2 of this weekend's post will follow!