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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Savannah Georgia–Day 2

Friday morning we decided to go back to the historic district and the downtown area during the morning, and then head to Tybee Island in the afternoon, and finish the day off with a local seafood dinner. 

After getting familiar with the area yesterday, the day went much smoother.  Back at the historic area, we checked out some of the shops and the local crafts.


We came upon this guy that was making ‘roses’ out palm tree leaves.   Pretty good detail!!


We walked through several of the shops and watched some candy making.  We saw them making pecan pralines, and got a lot of samples!  We also watched the making of salt water taffy.


After a while, we moved to the downtown area.   The first stop was a market section where the streets were closed and activity going on.  We sampled some more pralines and cookies!!IMG_0043


I am not a wine (well, maybe whine!!) person, but I did enjoy the following sign……… and putting it here for my California friends from Quartzsite!!


Patsy wanted find Paula Deen’s restaurant, Lady and Sons,and we found it, along with a gift shop just down the street…….


We decided that it was too early to eat, so Patsy just visited the gift shop.  Somebody is getting a gift from there!!  

While we were downtown, we rode around and found a lot azaleas in bloom……..


In the afternoon, we decided to drive the 18 miles to Tybee Island.  The city of Tybee Island turned out to be a small and quiet beach resort town  There was a lack of the big ‘beachy’ stores, and it just seemed to be a nice place to have a beach home and to get away for some quiet time.  Here are a few beach pictures…….


To wrap up our day, we decided to have dinner at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House restaurant.  This restaurant is owned and operated by Paula Deen’s brother.  I had blackened fish and shrimp, and Patsy had a grilled shrimp platter. The food was really good!!  Here are some pictures of Uncle Bubba’s place…..


The restaurant is large, and they evening have outside seating which appears to be used for parties also.  Note the ‘boat’ bench below…..



You can also see the long pier in the background.  These are very prominent in this marshy area.  People build the long piers to have access to the water ways behind their homes.  There is another long pier in the following picture taken from the restaurant.



More moss-filled trees from Uncle Bubba’s “backyard”……..


That takes care of Friday.  As reported below, Saturday was a ‘work’ day.  In addition to the projects discussed, I also tore into the driver’s door panel to access the ‘keyless entry control’ module.  Our keyless remotes stopped working in Little Rock, and it is a big inconvenience!!  I found the module, and managed to put one on order with a Honda place in Brunswick.  It will arrive on Tuesday morning, and I will install it.

We finished up the day by washing the Honda……… to get the rest of the Little Rock bird poop off of it.  

Tomorrow morning, we head for Brunswick for the TRVN rally for a week.

Savannah Georgia and Skidaway State Park

When I planned this trip, I had read on TRVN about Skidaway State Park being a good base camp for seeing the Savannah area, and I made reservations for three nights. 

Thursday morning, we left the Wal-Mart parking lot, and went directly to the state park. 

There are archways of large oak trees over a lot of the streets and roadways in the Savannah area.  Here is the approach to the state park…..


The trees are also full of moss growth, which makes them look very photogenic.

We checked in (and found that they were out of sites…. thank goodness we had a reservation), and were sent to pick out our site.  Some had been upgraded to 50amp, but most were only 30amp with upgrading in progress.   We found a 50amp site and despite all the tall trees in the park, we found a hole where we could connect to a satellite for our DirecTV.  Here are some pictures of our site…..


After we got set up, we headed for the downtown Savannah historic district and the river shops.  Here are a lot of pictures……..


The shops faced the river, and there was a lot of activity on it.  We saw one very large ship with a load of containers from China….. where else!!!!


The above picture is a WWII memorial to the Savannah area heroes who were lost in the war.  The following is a statue to local lady that became famous for waving to the ships passing by…….


There are a lot of trees and flowers in bloom right now, like the tree in the background.

That takes care of Thursday.  The next post will cover our touring on Friday!!

Travel to Savannah GA via Atlanta and Macon

We left the campground at Red Bay about 10:30am on Tuesday morning, a little earlier than we had planned.  On Monday night, I thought about another small modification that I wanted to do to the Bus.

Other Tiffin owners will recognize this modification, and others may not be interested.  The pantry has a side panel to pops open for maintenance and to retrieve items that fall from the pantry.  I have always thought about converting this panel to a door….. so this visit, I did!!

First thing Tuesday morning, I took the panel to the wood shop and had the guy machine out the holes for the European-type hinges, and attach the new hinges.  Here’s the guy working on it….


I took the modified panel, purchased a knob to match the rest of our hardware in the Bus from the campground store, and we left the campground.  On Saturday, while we were resting at our site at Skidaway State Park, I installed the door and hardware.  Here are some pictures……..


While I was in the mood for modifications, I cut and fitted an entry mat for the front of the Bus.  I purchased the material from Lowe’s, and it was part of a “hall runner” type of material designed to catch dirt from entering the Bus.  Again, here are some pictures…..


Going back in time, when we left Red Bay on Tuesday morning, our plan was to take a leisurely trip toward Savannah.  On Tuesday, we traveled as far as the west side of Atlanta, GA.  We stopped on the west side because it was almost 5:00pm when we got there, and decided to spend the night on a Wal-Mart parking lot and tackle the trip through Atlanta after the Wednesday morning rush hour traffic.

We left the Atlanta Wal-Mart about 9:30am, and the drive through Atlanta was very smooth and easy.  We arrived at Macon, GA at about 1:00pm, and found a Wal-Mart near a Murphy’s Express fuel station where we filled up on diesel at $3.76/gal, and then parked the Bus on the parking lot and proceeded to tour historic Macon!  Here are a few pictures…..


Patsy liked the azaleas, but when we got to Savannah, we really found a lot of them in bloom.

Bummer!   Macon was a disappointment, and we finished looking at the old homes in a couple of hours.  We had lunch, and did some supply acquisition a the Wal-Mart. 

When we parked, we had thought we would spend the night at  this Wal-Mart, and drive the last 165 miles to Savannah on Thursday morning.  However, after we rested a while, we decided to wait until after the local evening rush hour was over, and drive to Savannah today to miss the morning traffic.  We left at 7:00pm and got to Savannah at about 10:00pm and found a Wal-Mart to overnight at right off of I-95.

Along the way, we were treated to a very bright orange moon as it was rising………. straight down the highway.  It was difficult to photograph it, but here is our best attempt……


When we got to the Savannah Wal-Mart, there were about 20 RV’s doing the “overnight parking thing” there.  When we got ready to leave the next morning, we saw this Canadian RV parked next to us.  Note the license plate…..


RV owners like to say that their rig seats 6, feeds 4 but only sleeps 2!!  The point is “no hitchhikers”…… this guy is just making this point really clear!!