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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lone Star Allegro Rally–Advanced RV Park

On Thursday, we finished up at the Cummins Service Center with the Steering Gear Bracket change out at about 4:00PM, and headed to the Advanced RV Park for the Allegro chapter club rally.  Here are pictures of the old and new bracket……

IMG_1158 - ResizedIMG_2086 - Resize

We got checked in and parked, and then made arrangements with Mark and Sue Didelot, who were parked right in front of us at the park for the rally, to have dinner with Jodi and Darrell from another camping club that we both are members, Camping Friends.  We met them at a small Mexican Food cafĂ© called Emily’s in Pearland, TX! 

The meal and company was good, and Patsy and I will be camping with Jodi and company during the Labor Day weekend in La Grange, TX,

We spent most of Friday playing card game and visiting.  We made plans to eat out at a local steakhouse called “Saltgrass”, but just after we arrived, a major rain & wind storm blew in, and after a couple of short electrical outages, the power finally died for good!! 


After waiting about 30 minutes in the dark, we called it off, and it was everybody for themselves.  We had driven to the restaurant with Charlie and Joan Stanger, and we ended up at a Mimi’s Restaurant.  It was a good meal, but we ate late!!!

The big event was planned for Saturday.  Actually, this rally was just a mini-rally, and not official.  We normally don’t camp in the summer months, but do get together once for a meal.  This year, the meal was a 50’s theme hamburger cookout.  The host were Richard and Vickie, and they really worked hard to plan and deliver!  The room was decorated, people were dressed 50’s style, and we had cakes and home made peach ice cream!


Mark and Sue were celebrating their 40th anniversary this weekend, and they had the first dance…..


After that, Richard and Vickie, our hosts for the weekend, took to the dance floor…….


Then there was Richard “Matcoman” Brinlee


……..and his lovely wife, Nancy, with her musical glasses.



We had a good time, and the hamburgers were very good.  mainly relaxed the rest of the day, and then on Sunday, most of us un-hooked and went home.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On The Road To Houston………….

After about two weeks after getting back in town from the grandkids second vacation trip for the Summer of 2013, we hit the road again today. 

We are on our way to Advanced RV Park in Pearland, TX (South of Houston) for a Summer mini-rally with the Lone Star Allegro Club.  The mini rally is scheduled from Friday to Sunday, with a Hamburger cookout and a 50’s style sock hop on Saturday afternoon.

We left home today, because Spartan, the manufacturer of the chassis on our Tiffin Allegro Bus has issued a recall on a Steering Gear Bracket.  Basically, the support is cracking on some rigs, and it has to be replaced on all.  We have an appointment at the Cummins Southern Plains Service Center in Houston at 9:30AM on Thursday morning.  It is supposedly a four hour event, and afterwards, we have modified our reservations at Advanced RV Park to include Thursday night.

Since we were coming to Houston early, we had a list of items that we wanted to do.  I am upgrading the stair/steps lighting on the entry to the Bus, and I needed a fixture with LED lights.  We went to a couple of places, and found exactly what I need at a West Marine store in Houston.  More on that modification later.

We also needed to replace the king-sized pillows on our Bus bed, and we went to a Sears store.  We found what we wanted, and they were marked to be on sale, but I could not get the ‘price checker’ in the store to tell me the price.  I took it to a friendly cashier, and asked her if I could afford the pillow? 

She said that she could not let me know if I could afford them, but she could not get the price either.  I told her that all I could afford was $2.99!!  She just laughed and called her supervisor to the checkout counter.  The supervisor had a little trouble, and I told her that when three people could not find the price, then they were free!!  Then the cashier said ‘he really wants them for $2.99”……. and the supervisor said ‘That’s fine with me, and approved the cost!!’  Before the sale, the regular size pillow was listed as $29.99……. and we guessed the king’s were much higher.  As we often heard in Mexico, the two pillows were “ALMOST FREE”!!

Another item on our list, was to visit a fairly new “Trader Joe’s” that was built on Shepherd St. in an old movie theater.  We wanted some Joe’s food, and I wanted to see the inside of the remodeled store.  Here are some pictures…


The “tour” cost us about $65 in groceries!!

The last thing on our list was to eat dinner at Pappasito’s Cantina, our favorite Mexican Food Restaurant anywhere!!  We did, and it was very good.