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Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #5

Wednesday morning, we moved out of our campsites in Bay Segnette State Park, dumped our tanks on the way out, and stopped at a nearby EXXON station to fuel up our tanks.

About 10:00am, we left New Orleans and headed to Carrabelle, FL, about 400 miles away.  The only real stop that we made was at the Welcome Center on I-10 to pick up a state map and some brochures for information on our Florida visit. 

The lady at the Center was helpful, and suggested a change in our proposed route that probably saved us a couple of hours of time, but not miles……….. we stayed on I-10 about 80 miles further than we had planned before we dropped south to hit the coastal area highways.  The coastal highway had a lot of towns with stop lights, and areas of slow traffic.

Even with the improved route, we still did not get to o ur destination, Ho Hum RV Park, until about 7:00pm………… a long day of driving.

As we got set up, Patsy and I had a problem with our Bus.  After leveling, I needed to move up a few feet to miss a tree in the line of our satellite dish, and when I stored the levelers, the Driver Side rear jack did not want to come up.  I tried to get it up with the system, but it must have broke a gear inside, and would not move up.  We ended up sleeping that night with the jack right under the head of our bed well up in the air!!.

On Thursday morning, I again tried a few things to the the jack to raise without success.  Not having a big enough jack, nor a desire to unbolt and drag the jack out from under the coach, I decided to use our Coach-Net Road Service to get somebody out to take it off.  

With Coach-Net, they pay the road trip cost for the service, and I am only responsible for the cost of the service that they provide.The process to contact Coach-Net, have them contact a service, and then get the service to arrive, took until the afternoon.  Once the truck arrived, it took another couple of hours for the guy to get the jack off, and in be back hutch of the CRV!!  

Here’s a  picture of the guy removing the jack.  This was my entertainment for about 1 1/2 hours……..


So, I spent the day at Ho Hum waiting and working with the guy to get the jack problem ‘dealt with’.  Ronnie and Kathy took their toad, and did manage to take tour of the islands and the area.  Here is a picture of Ronnie, Kathy and Patsy checking out the RV Park……..


In the evening, Ronnie grilled some burgers and sausages, and Kathy and Patsy put together an evening meal.  The meal turned out to be the best part of the day for me!!

We pulled out of Ho Hum RV Park about 8:30am (EST) on Friday morning, and got to our next destination, Kissimmee KOA Campground in Kissimmee, FL about 2:00pm.  We got set up in a light rain, that continued all afternoon.  Patsy and I made a grocery run, while Kathy and Ronnie drove over to the Mecum Auto Auction. The auction was the primary reason for coming to Kissimmee. 

Kathy and Ronnie got back to the campground and told us that they had seen all that they wanted to see, so tomorrow, we will have a “play tourist in Kissimmee” day!!

By the way………. I did know that today was Friday the 13th !!!

I am planning on tomorrow being a better day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #4

Tuesday morning found us leaving the campground and driving into New Orleans to visit The National WWII Museum.  It turned out to be an interesting visit, and much more to it than I thought there would be.  We spent about 3 hours touring it, and did not see all of it.

Here are a few pictures that I found interesting……


We finished abouot 1:30pm, and then headed to meet again with Ronnie’s friend, Barry, at one of his stores.  When he showed up, we went inside to get a drink and a candy bar, and then we loaded into Barry’s SUV to head out for a tour of the “Garden District” of New Orleans.


The Garden District was an area of upscale old homes and intermingled with eclectic & hippy stores.


The following two pictures show two houses that are a part of the same home lot.  They are locally famous for the cornstalk metal fence surround the houses…… shown better in the second picture.


Here’s a couple of stores…………..


The following three pictures show ‘Mardi Gras’ beads that were thrown from parades and got caught up in the trees and power lines along the route.  There were many examples, but the beads just don’t show up well in the photos!


After a couple of hours, we finished the tour and returned to Barry’s market to get Ronnie’s car and return to the campground to rest.  Before we left, Barry called us back in the store, and gave us a couple of “Mardi Gras King cakes” of our choosing.  I picked a chocolate one for Patsy and I!


At 7:00pm, Barry came by the campground to pick us up and take us to one of his favorite restaurants for dinner.  We went to Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, which is known for it’s Charbroiled Oysters!!

Here’s a few pictures…….


Our table near the grilling area………


The remains of one of two appetizers that were complements of the restaurant because Barry apparently eats here a lot……..  The one shown was grilled lobster with an oriental sauce,  There were originally six, and I got the picture right before Ronnie finished the last one off!!!

The other was a plate of onion rings and they were so good that they were gone before I thought about a picture!!


Drago’s logo over the lobster tank and on the glasses……


A good meal and a great way to finish our stay in New Orleans.  On the way back to the campground, Barry gave us a nighttime tour through the French Quarter and the 9th ward, as well as points in between!

Thanks, Barry, for being a great and generous host!!

Tomorrow, we leave for Florida!!

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #3

On Monday, we left the state park at about 10:00am, and drove into town to tour the French Quarter.  Pretty much uneventful, if you neglect the wrong way drives on a couple of ONE WAY streets!!!

Here are some pictures as we walked in the old market area…..


We decided that the above was an effort to build a personal 5th wheel camper!!  It was a cool morning, so we stopped at the Cafe Dumont shop for beignets and hot chocolate.  They were really good!!


As we walked through the craft and flea market area, I suggested Ronnie that he get a custom Kleenex holder box, and he was fairly interested tin the one in the center in the picture below!!


However, he just walked away with the women…….


We then just walked around looking for Bourbon Street and admiring the shops and homes with their neat architecture.  The following should be titled “Angle over an Angel”


The  following are two ladies of the street than the two really nice gentlemen in the second picture helped get off the street!!!!!!!


Before heading back to the coaches, we drove over to the Riverwalk Mall, and a little more shopping.


We had noticed that a “Mulate’s” Cajun Restaurant just across the street from the parking lot.  After visiting the mall, we had LUPPER at Mulate’s about 3:00pm. 

After eating, we went back to the state park, and we planned to just have a snack for dinner…. tamales from Texas, nachos, and pecan pie, while we watched the Alabama and Clemson game.  Concurrently, I worked on getting this blog up to date!!

Tomorrow, the WW II museum in NOLA.

Winter 2017 Florida Trip–Post #2

We left Betty’s RV Park on Sunday morning, and drove to the Bayou Segnette State Park near New Orleans at about 9:30AM.  This time, we followed Ronnie and Kathy’s rig and here’s our view most of the way……….


It is the same brand and model as mine, but it is a 2016, while mine is a “better” 2008”!!  To jump ahead a little bit, one night in New Orleans, we had eaten a big meal at about 2:30pm, so we just snacked on Monday night and sat in their rig to watch the Alabama vs Clemson playoff game.  Here is a picture of the front (kitchen/living area) of the rig with two large TV’s!


Getting back on track, we arrived at the state park, and got set up in our reserved spaces.  Here is what our sites looked like….


Once we got settled in, Ron called an old friend from his “grocery store business” days, Barry Breaux, who owns several “Breaux Markets” in the New Orleans area.  He picked us up at the state park campground and took us out for a brief tour of New Orleans.  He first stopped at a place where we got a bite to eat, and then drove around.  I did more looking than picture taking, so I only got one of some of us in the restaurant, and a couple of local sites:


The latter shows a part of an old pirate ship that has been recovered nearby.

Like Ronnie, Barry shares a love of older cars.  We stopped by his grocery warehouse where he has a few rooms dedicated to his hobby.  He has so much stuff, I could only photograph a small bit of it……


Here’s a closeup of the engine of the Camaro above…..


A ‘57 Chevy couch!!


Patsy was intrigued by this security guy, who guarded Barry’s office day and night, and did not get a paycheck!!!

Barry also had four motorcycles in the garage, and here they are with him standing nearby……


Tomorrow morning, the four of us plan to find the French Quarter, and walk around it!

More then………