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Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Short Visit With Rachel On Return Home

After finishing up in Red Bay, we headed for home via Little Rock to see Deanne, Mike and Rachel one more time.  Since we had work scheduled on our house, we wanted to be home by Monday, so we planned on just staying on Saturday. 

When we got to their home on Saturday, Mike and Deanne were assembling an outdoor rocker/swing unit to put into a landscaped area near their front door.  Since they were busy, it was decided that we would take Rachel to a movie and lunch.  She chose Wendy's and the movie, "Sherlock Gnomes"!  Between lunch and the 2:20pm movie start, we took her shopping at Walmart, including candy for the movie!!

I took a few pictures............


The movie was in 3D, so we had the appropriate glasses, which she thought were neat!  The theater also had nice reclining chairs, and she thought she was at a 'high class place'!  No pictures because we left our cell phones in the car.

Riding in the car showing off her new 'glasses'..........

 and at home on the new lawn rocker......

After we said our goodbyes, and were backing out the driveway, she took her jacked off to show us that a "Tiffin" T-shirt that we had bought for here a few years ago, now fit!

It was about 5:30pm when we picked up the Bus, hooked up the car and got on the road.  We drove until about9:00pm and arrived in Atlanta, TX where we over-nighted at the local Walmart.  When we woke up on Sunday morning, we had an expensive motor home and trailer parked next to us........

We will be home for a couple of weeks until we travel to Rayne, LA for a week-long "Cajun RV Rally".

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