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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mom’s Road Trip – Final Update

This update is late because after driving home in short time, Patsy and I were very busy getting our parents taken care of and settled back into a “normal” life.

Early Thursday morning in Shipshewana, Patsy got a phone call to notify us that they had to put her dad in the hospital.  After we found more details, we decided that we would cut our trip short, and head back to Texas.  However, since were were 1500 miles from home, we decided to let my Mom visit relatives in Iowa one the way.  Then, after contacting the relatives, we found out that they were going to be at 50 year high school reunion during the weekend……. returning on Sunday evening.  After more consideration, we decided to delay our return a little more, and make the visit.

As we traveled west on I-80, we visited the I-80 truck stop, known as the largest in the USA, and traveled past the Amana Colonies.

Here’s a picture of an 18-wheeler truck that is ‘inside’ the truck stop;

Iowa Countryside 006

Here’s a picture of Mom ‘comfortably’ traveling across Iowa;

Iowa Countryside 008 

We ended up at the Meskwaki Indian Casino, and spent Friday and Saturday nights at the casino RV park.  Here are some pictures:

Bingo Casino 008

Bingo Casino 009

Bingo Casino 010

We picked this casino to keep the promise to my mom that we would let her play casino “bingo”!  We play on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning before we left for Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Here is Mom coming out of the casino……….

Bingo Casino 016

Knowing that Duane and Peggy would return from the reunion late on Sunday, we left the casino park and drove to Council Bluffs.  We got to their house about 10 minutes before they got home.

I got to watch Duane back his 5th Wheel into his driveway.  I guess RV’ing runs in the King family.  We visited with Duane and Peggy for a while, and took a tour of the Deaf Missions facility, that is actually on land immediately behind their house.  Then, before we hit the road again, we all went to a Cracker Barrel restaurant for dinner.  Although short, it was a very nice visit…….. except for Duane picking on me, but my mom really enjoyed it.  Here are a couple of pictures:

The 5th Wheel…….

Duane and Peggy 001

Duane (standing on a ladder) next to my mother (not really, he is tall!!)….

Duane and Peggy 003

Peggy, my mom, and Duane……

Duane and Peggy 005

Patsy was happy because during the tour of the Deaf Missions facility, she scored a couple of Gospel music CD’s that were recorded with Peggy and Duane singing as part of the group. 

We left Council Bluffs at about 8:00pm, and drove to a little past Kansas City, Mo.  On Monday, we made it to the Oklahoma/Texas border and boondocked in a casino parking lot just inside Oklahoma.  When we got there, several RV’s had already parked for the night, and we joined them.  I also noticed that there was a good reflection in a pool at the site, so I got some MH pictures……

Casino Pool Reflecting Pictures 002

Casino Pool Reflecting Pictures 004

Casino Pool Reflecting Pictures 005

Casino Pool Reflecting Pictures 012

As a wrap-up, we finally got Patsy’s dad and my mom located in their ‘homes’ this week, and we have joined the Lone Start Allegro Camping Club at the Advanced RV Park in Houston Texas for the weekend.  We need the rest and peace!!

Hopefully, we will be back on track with future updates.