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Southeast (Gulf Coast), Texas, United States

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gulf State Park --- Gulf Shores, AL

After driving along a lot of beach areas, we finally arrive at the Gulf State Park at about 2:00PM, and since our reserved site was available, we were able to check in and get set up.

Here’s the Bus on our site……..


During the 2 1/2 days that we were at the park, we spent time in the park swimming pool, took the kids to the nature center, spent a lot of time on the nearby beaches which were the best we have ever seen, ate lunch at a Lamberts Restaurant (Home of the Throwed rolls), and Laura and Patsy took the kids to a miniature golf course.

Here are some pictures by activity beginning with the beaches……


On the last day, we took the kids to the Nature Center at the park…….009016018019020022023

And we went to Lamberts for lunch……….


While we waited outside for a table……….


After we were seated, the “roll thrower” showed up……..


and the “roll catchers” got in their ‘ready’ position……


and then enjoyed their catches!!!!


After lunch on our last day at the beach, we went to the western end of the Alabama beach near the historic Fort Morgan.  We chose not to tour the fort, but did visit the remote beaches…….


Collecting drift wood……………


…….. and sea shells


And leaving the beach for the last time!!


The beach was great, but it was hot!!  To cool off, we made a stop for snow cones…..


On the last night, Patsy and Laura took the kids to a miniature golf course, where they had a lot of fun……….


The golf adventure pretty much concluded our trip.  We woke up early on Wednesday morning, and made the decision to drive straight through to Victoria (650 miles) because Laura wanted to attend a funeral for a friend in Edna, TX. 

We left at about 8:30AM (right after a visit to a Krispy Kreme donut place), and made it to Rick and Laura’s house at 8:00PM.   To make the drive easier on me, Laura begged and whined until I let her drive again.  She took over in Mississippi, about 25 miles before the Louisiana border, and drove to within 25 miles of Lake Charles…… we figured it was a distance of about 250 miles.  Given her ‘experience’ on the first day of travel, she did really well.  That is why I let her drive that far.  Here are some pictures and one of them shows large rigs going past her………


She did so well, that when we got to her house, she backed the Bus into her driveway to unload!!!

This is the final report on this Road Trip!!!