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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jobs Around the House Between RV Trips!!

As mentioned at the end of the last blog, in addition to the lawn-keeping jobs, we also had to have repairs made to the cracks in our sheetrock caused by the foundation problems that were fixed, and we wanted to trim seven large oak trees around our home.

While we waited on scheduling to get the sheetrock repairs done by professionals, we started to work on the trees.  Here is a picture of one of a dozen trailer loads of limbs that Patsy and I cut and hauled away.

On the ground…………


and on the trailer……….


We had one tree that was too much for us to tackle……. my 10” pole saw would not cut through some of the large diameter limbs that needed to be cut off.  Here are some pictures of “Professional Tree Trimmers” that we hired to trim the one tree and to finish off the tops of the other six trees.  The first picture is the one that we let the Pros do…..


These are the ones that we cut, and let the Pros clean up the dead limbs in the top of the trees.  You can see how the guys had to climb up into the tops of the trees to get to all the limbs.  Patsy decided that I was too old to fall that far!!!!!


We really did not take any pictures of us painting the inside walls (two coats on the ceilings and walls!!!), but here are some pictures of the ‘patch work’……….


Before we left on our current trip on June 5, about 60% of the repainting was complete, and we were able to move furniture back into our Master Bedroom.  We will finish when we return.  Because we woke up each morning at home to either having to cut trees or paint, it was really nice to leave town!!!!!

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