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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas time in Little Rock………….

After completing the photographs, we went to Mimi’s Restaurant and had lunch, then we went to Mike and Deanne’s house for Christmas presents.

This story will be mostly told be pictures.  It appeared that Rachel’s favorite gift was a princess outfit……….

Before we started, I got our DIL in a Whistler’s Mama type photo…….



Moving on……….


…….and the next package contained my new GPS from Garmin for RV’s:


Grammie had decided to give Rachel a baby doll stroller.  We put it together, and when we weren’t looking, she crawled into it!!!



The evening ended with the grandkids happy, both sets of parents happy and Grammie and Poppaw were delighted! 

All’s well that ends well!!!

Texans Arrive; Professional Grandchildren Photos

Sunday started off with a little Christmas for Rachel at her new house.  Mom and Dad let her open a Work Bench from Home Depot, complete with work apron, and then she helped them assemble it.


Later, when Rick and his family got to Little Rock, and we met up in the Bus………


While we were there, the subject of the kid’s spending the night in the Bus came up, and Aubrey, the oldest granddaughter, spilled the beans that they couldn’t because they had to be up early the next morning for “pictures”!!  That led to a short interrogation where I found out that Grammie and Poppaw were going to get professional photographs as a Christmas gift this year!!

So, Monday morning, we all met up at the photography studio, and got to watch the process,  While there and with the kids dressed up, Grammie wanted some freebie photographs……. so, we took some photos on the studio reception area couch!!


Maybe not as good as the professional pictures, but the price was really good!!

The professional pictures were much better……. here is a few samples:


About all that you can say is……Beautiful Kids!!!   And, they are great to be around, too.

More on our visit later………

Christmas Visit to Little Rock

As stated in the last post, we left home on Christmas Day afternoon, and traveled to Little Rock, AR……..arriving on Thursday, December 26.  Our daughter, SIL and granddaughter could not make the trip to Victoria this year because they are moving into their new house.  They will close on the old house this week, and need to be out by January 10. 

Our son. DIL and two grandkids from Victoria had their Christmas at the DIL’s parents on Saturday, December 28, and then traveled to Little Rock.  They arrived here about noon on Sunday, and headed home on New Years Day. 

Before our son and his family arrived, we let our youngest granddaughter, Rachel, stay in the Bus with us, and we took her to the Riverwalk area, and toured an Arkansas State Park Museum.  Here are some pictures of her having a good time……


Grammie, Rachel and I enjoyed the visit, and we took Rachel back to the Bus, where she took a long nap!!

More to come………