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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amigo Allegros @ Koyote Ranch -- Saturday

It was another day to sleep in and enjoy a quiet morning. Connie and Manuel had offered to provide the Saturday morning breakfast, so that was well taken care of. They made Migus (pronounced the way I spelled it……. But maybe not spelled correctly). It was a scrambled egg casserole dish with cheese, and cut up tortillas. They also had some great beans and flour and corn tortillas. All we had to do was to show up and eat. Here are pictures of Connie and Manuel setting up for breakfast:

After breakfast, we had our ‘business’ meeting, which was easy going, and then we sat around and discussed issues with the motorhome life. Then, I returned to the Bus, and signed up for internet service and started to work on this blog. Others visited or went to the swimming pool.

Connie and Manuel came by the Bus, and we discussed them traveling with us to the September Gulf Coast RV Club rally at the Wolf Creek Park on Lake Livingston, and then to the FMCA rally in North Little Rock. We got on line and got them signed up for FMCA and made camping reservations at Wolf Creek and in Little Rock.

For the evening meal, each rig brought their own meat item and we put it on a common grill, and then all brought side dishes. It turned out to be a great potluck. Our President, Mike, did the honors on the grill and did a great job. Here's Mike at his grill station, and the rest of the crowd waiting patiently!

After dinner, we retreated to the game room and played another round of Mexican Train. We have a plan to meet at the campground restaurant for breakfast at 9:00am in the morning. After that, we will say our goodbyes, and all hit the road for home or other parts.

Amigo Allegros @ Koyote Ranch – Friday

We slept in late this morning, and did not wake up until 9:00am. Since I knew that I would have to pay for WIFI at the rally park, I got online and did a lot of internet stuff this morning. I will buy 24 hours of internet at the rally park late on Friday night, and then have it until late Saturday night.

The rally park is about 10 miles on the other side of Medina. As we came into Medina, we stopped at the ‘Apple’ bakery to try some of their goodies. Medina has a claim to be a “big” apple place, and we decided to check it out. We ended up with a cup of apple/cinnamon ice cream and an apple turnover. It was very good.

We got to the campground and were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, considering it was out in the hot, dry, sandy hill country. It is a full resort with pool, cottages, B&B facilities, and a camp store with a nice restaurant associated with it. Five rigs attended this rally plus there was one rig that was a guest of Dick and Dianne, who were the host for the weekend.

During the afternoon, Patsy and Connie decided to try out the swimming pool. It is in a nice setting, and they claimed the water was nice and cool:

On Friday nights, the restaurant has an ‘all you can eat’ catfish dinner complete with fried okra, chicken strips, gravy, potato salad, and hush puppies. All this complete with Coke or tea for $8/person. We did our best to eat all we could. Here's a picture of our club president, Mike, going back for the 11th time.......... and a couple of pictures of the group:

During the meal, a couple of the guys went to the restroom, and came back saying that they were giving away iced-down free beer in there. After a while, I went to investigate...... and it reminded me of a trip to Tombstone, AZ with Mark and Sue. Mark would fit in well with these guys........... I think they were grabbing beers and guzzling them down!!

After dinner, we retreated to the game room for a session of Mexican Train......

Amigo Allegros @ Koyote Ranch -- Thursday

Patsy and I left Victoria early on Thursday to head toward the weekend rally site just outside of Medina, TX. We decided to drive through San Antonio to have lunch at Papasitso’s Mexican Restaurant and then stay overnight at a Passport America campground in Bandera called “Riverside RV Park”.

We had a good trip to San Antonio, filling up with diesel at the Flying ‘J’ for $4.11/gal, and having lunch at Papasito’s. We arrived at the campground at around 4:00pm and got set up. The campground was a ‘mom and pop’, but for $10 a night with full hookup, great cable TV and free WIFI, it was a great deal.

I got on line and found out that a decision had been made to grill some steaks for Saturday night……… and we had not packed steaks. We decided to find a food store in Bandera to buy some steaks, and to drive the 20 miles to Koyote Ranch to check it out. We saw our spot at Koyote, and then drove back to Bandera to check out the town, and find a super market. Bandera is a somewhat a typical ‘hill country’ town with stone buildings and charm. Here are some pictures:

The following picture made me think of my old carnie buddy, Mark Didelot. He is going to become Tiffin Trash shortly and buy a junque Phaeton. He is currently looking for a tow vehicle to pull behind it, and I think that I found it in Bandera. It is currently parked in front of a fried chicken place:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lagoons RV Resort Rockport, Again -- Friday

We went to bed late last night, and consequently, we got up late this morning. Last night, I paid for WIFI service in the park, and it was lousy. I could connect, but it was slow, and blogger would not load pictures……….. even one at a time. Thankfully, my old standby, Days Inn Motel, was down the road and the WIFI was strong in the parking lot!! I loaded yesterday’s blog pictures this morning.

First thing this morning, we took the kids to the Rockport city beach. It is private, and you have to pay $4 a day to get in, but they keep it raked, and it is nicely kept. The water is really shallow for a long way out, and the kids had a good time, both playing in the sand and the water. Here are some pictures for Mom and Dad:

After the beach, we stopped at the Whataburge, and got some fish sandwiches to take back to the Bus.

After lunch, we hit the campground swimming pool again. Here are more pictures

After resting, we went for a drive to the fishing boat area to see the pelicans and sea gulls. There weren't many boats coming in, so the bird population was low. After getting some hamburgers for supper, we went back to the Rockport Beach area to watch the para-sailing skiers and play on the playground. First we took pictures of the dophin fountains at the RV park:

Tomorrow, we head home!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lagoons RV Resort Rockport, Again -- Thursday

Since their Mom and Dad were in Hawaii for the week to vacation and attend a wedding, we promised the grandkids a vacation of their own. Patsy had remembered the indoor pool at the Lagoons RV Park, and we decided that it was the place to take them.

We left early Thursday morning from Victoria, and arrived about 11:00am and got in and set up fairly fast. While hooking up, I noticed that we had lost the water heater cover somewhere along the way, so I immediately called our great salesperson at Sherman RV in Sherman, MS, Karen, and she is going to get the service guys to drop ship one to us for our trip next week to Medina, TX.

After getting set up, we drove the car over to Goose Island State Park, and let the kids run along the bay water’s edge and throw oyster shells into the water. Then it was back to the campground via the local Wal-Mart to pick up some apples, bananas and grapes along with some deli turkey breast for a lunch. Right after lunch, we hit the pool with the kids. It is fairly large, with cool water, and we had it all to ourselves. The kids had a blast. Here are some pictures (Including a lot for Mom and Dad!!):

After an hour, Grammie decided it was nap time, and we headed back to the Bus for some rest.

After naptime, we took the car, and crossed the ferry to Port Aransas. The plan was to walk the beach, and play in the water. We also had planned to eat some seafood someplace! The kids were impressed with the ferry ride, and really took to the waves and the beach. We did not have them in swim suits because we thought they would be reluctant to get in the surf, and we would only walk in the water. Matthew went right in, and within minutes, the sand washing out beneath his feet made him fall in the water (or so he said!!), and he was all wet! It took Aubrey a few minutes, but before long, they really got into it. Here are some pictures:

We cleaned up at the Mustang Island State Park, and then took the ferry back to Port Aransas and then to 'The Big Fisherman" restaurant in Rockport for dinner:

More fun tomorrow............