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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amigo Allegros @ Koyote Ranch -- Saturday

It was another day to sleep in and enjoy a quiet morning. Connie and Manuel had offered to provide the Saturday morning breakfast, so that was well taken care of. They made Migus (pronounced the way I spelled it……. But maybe not spelled correctly). It was a scrambled egg casserole dish with cheese, and cut up tortillas. They also had some great beans and flour and corn tortillas. All we had to do was to show up and eat. Here are pictures of Connie and Manuel setting up for breakfast:

After breakfast, we had our ‘business’ meeting, which was easy going, and then we sat around and discussed issues with the motorhome life. Then, I returned to the Bus, and signed up for internet service and started to work on this blog. Others visited or went to the swimming pool.

Connie and Manuel came by the Bus, and we discussed them traveling with us to the September Gulf Coast RV Club rally at the Wolf Creek Park on Lake Livingston, and then to the FMCA rally in North Little Rock. We got on line and got them signed up for FMCA and made camping reservations at Wolf Creek and in Little Rock.

For the evening meal, each rig brought their own meat item and we put it on a common grill, and then all brought side dishes. It turned out to be a great potluck. Our President, Mike, did the honors on the grill and did a great job. Here's Mike at his grill station, and the rest of the crowd waiting patiently!

After dinner, we retreated to the game room and played another round of Mexican Train. We have a plan to meet at the campground restaurant for breakfast at 9:00am in the morning. After that, we will say our goodbyes, and all hit the road for home or other parts.

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