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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boomer Rally – Day 2

Yesterday, we drove to nearby Fredericksburg to see the shops and the countryside.  On the way, we passed the Wildflower farm with fields of lavender, ‘some kind of’ cypress flowers, and a field of sunflowers!

Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 015 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 019 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 020 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 024

Also, on the way to Fredericksburg, we saw a pasture with some camels….. including a baby.

Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 006 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 004

We spent a couple of hours walking the main street of Fredericksburg, and even ran into some of the other Boomer campers……….

Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 013 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 009 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 010 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 011 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 012

We decided to have lunch at the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, TX….. about 20 miles from the campground.  Our RV friends, Mike Desch and Linda Oddo told us that a friend had taken them there and that it was good.  We gave it a try, and it was very good BBQ.  It was out in the middle of nowhere, but even so, there was still a waiting line at 1:30pm on a Friday…..

Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 025 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 026 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 027

I went behind the counter and got a couple of good pictures of the “pit”………

IMiller Creek Rally - Day 2 029 Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 030

After lunch, we went back to the campground and visited with folks as they arrived for the rally…..

Miller Creek Rally - Day 2 031

For our evening meal, we fired up a bunch of pits, and grilled our own meat, and shared side dishes.  It was a great time.


Thinking of you, Connie!  Good luck.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Texas Boomers Rally – Millers Creek

We left on our trip yesterday about 11:30am, and arrived at the Miller’s Creek RV Park about 3:00pm.  We got settled into our site, and drove to see the Pedernales Falls State Park, about 20 miles from here.  During our Easter trip with the Grandkids, we purchased the Texas State Parks annual pass, so we thought we had an opportunity to ‘save some money’, but when we got there at 4:45pm, we found that the office closed at 4:30pm!!   Anyway, we would have saved $5 each for the entrance fee.  We entered for free anyway, and toured the campground and looked at the falls.  It is a nice ‘hill country’ park.  We don’t have any pictures because we did not take the camera!!  We are just not used to this RV’ing thing………… having been at home for almost three months!!

Last night, about 10 other rigs showed up for the rally, which begins today.  It was very hot, about 95, but when the sun went down, we washed the bugs off the windshield and front of the Bus…… they came off easy with plain water since I had used REJEX on the front end after I waxed the rig.

I went around the RV park this morning and took some pictures:

The park……….

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 001

You can see the Bus down the road on the right……

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 003

The office, with some flamingos (Boomer mascot)…..

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 004 Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 005

Our site, very nice!!……

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 006

The clubhouse where we will grill steaks tonight…..

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 009

The new Boomer sign made by Don Allen……

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 008

A neat old Wanderlodge MH in the park (not with us)…

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 010

Some early Boomer risers…..

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 016

I mentioned to Tom King (no relation) that I noticed his shirt……….

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 014

He told me that I needed to see it up close, maybe we are related!!!…….

Miller Creek Rally - Day 1 015

Off to Fredericksburg…….more to come!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Matthew’s Pre-K Graduation

Last week, we were able to attend our grandson, Matthew’s, first academic accomplishment……. graduation to Kindergarten.  He was one of four students to do a solo presentation…… He said the opening prayer!

They started with a slide show with each student’s current photo and a baby picture….

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 004

Matthew waiting to delivery the prayer……

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 005

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 008

Matthew delivering the prayer and he did a good job…..

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 009

Singing songs with his class………..

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 018

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 021

Posing with the diploma…………….

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 026

His whole class….. there were three classes at the graduation (he is on the far left end)…………….

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 027

Matthew already finding a use for his diploma!!!!…….

Matthew's Pre-K Graduation 029

We leave tomorrow for our road trip.  More details in the next posting……….

Time at Home & A Late Easter Posting!!

It has been a while since I last posted……. and we have been on a long trip.  We got back from our Winter 2010 trip on February 15, and since then, we have had visits from two of our RV’ing friends, Chuck and Lorraine North, and Mike and Linda Desch. 

We also attended two rallies of the Lone Star Allegro Camping club out of Houston, TX.  These Weekend trips were a lot of fun, but don’t match up to a few weeks on the road!!

We have also made some revisions and repairs on the Bus, plus, I did a Maguire's two step hand polish & wax on the coach.  We have had it 2 1/2 years, and I put wax on it when we first got it.  I looks pretty good now.  On our bedroom closet revision, here is a picture from my posting in March, and then one with us ‘really’ packed.  The shelving system is working well:

Closet Mods 011

Now with baskets filled & “ready to travel”…..

BR Closet Baskets - Packed 002

Now………… our best weekend trip was to Rockport, TX with the grandkids for an Easter Break.  We were only there for two days, but we all had a good time.  Here are ‘a lot’ of pictures from the beach:

Matthew selecting oyster shells for skipping……

Rockport Easter '10 001

Rockport Easter '10 004

Playing on the beach…….

Rockport Easter '10 012

Rockport Easter '10 013 Rockport Easter '10 015 Rockport Easter '10 019 Rockport Easter '10 020

Rockport Easter '10 023 Rockport Easter '10 026 Rockport Easter '10 030 Rockport Easter '10 037 Rockport Easter '10 038

We quickly built a sand castle, and left it for others!!

(Actually, we found it already built!!!…….

Rockport Easter '10 042

Rockport Easter '10 043 Rockport Easter '10 044 Rockport Easter '10 047 Rockport Easter '10 048

Also, we went to some of the tourist shops.  Last year, Aubrey would not go close to this shark’s mouth, which is the entrance to the store…….

Rockport Easter '10 050

When we returned home, we had a more traditional Easter…..


Easter 2010 003 Easter 2010 007 Easter 2010 015 Easter 2010 028 Easter 2010 039

OK……. now I am caught up!!  More to come soon!!!