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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Allegro Amigos -- Follow-up

Note: There is a new map on the left side of this page, underneath the pictures of our motorhomes. It shows the location in the world where people click on this blog. I actually stole it off of Annette Naylor's blog!!! Pretty cool, huh? Click on the map (not the note at the bottom) to view it.

We left Boerne on Sunday at about noon, and got home late in the evening. We got the Bus cleaned up on Monday and put it into the storage garage until our next trip in mid August. We then got busy around the house with 'chores', and I forgot to update the blog until I found some more pictures on my camera........... so, here goes.

We had an enjoyable time at the rally. We met Connie and Manuel, who have a Phaeton. They were parked next to us, and I had a good time at Manuel's expense picking on him about the Phaeton. I have to keep my skill up, since most of our Tiffin friends have Phaetons, and Mark and Sue ( http://didelottravels.typepad.com/) are going to order a new one in October of this year. Here's a picture of them in front of the #$%#% Pheaton:

Saturday evening, we went to the Rudy's BBQ near Boerne for dinner, and had a good meal. Here are some pictures of the group at dinner. In the first picture are Connie and Manuel and Dick and Dianne. We had first met Dick and Dianne at the Tiffin Fall rally in Murchinson, TX last October.

Here's another shot of the Bus at the campground. It was a nice campground.

Our next outing will be a rally with this same club. The venue is the Koyote RV Ranch in Medina, TX.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Allegro Amigos at Alamo Fiesta RV Park - Friday

We arrived at the RV park at about 2:00pm on Friday, and 3 other couples had already arrived with their RV's. By 6:00pm, the 5th and final couple arrived, and we went out to the "Hungry Horse" family restaurant for dinner.

When we got back, we spent most of the evening getting to know each other and inspecting each other's rigs.

Here are the coaches all in a line. Note that there is a Fleetwood in the row that is parked here without anyone in it:
We will see what tomorrow brings............... we have a meeting at 10:00am.

Camping With the Allegro Amigos

Before we left for Boerne and the Alamo Fiesta RV Park to meet up for the first campout of the Allegro Amigos, we decided to visit the Fredericksburg Trade Days and Wild Seed Farm just outside of town.

Here are pictures of the Trade Days area: (the rigging of using a John Deere engine to drive two ice cream freezers was interesting!)

After the Trades Days, we went across the highway to the Fredericksburg Wild Seed Farm. While browsing through the store, Patsy bumped into one of her 'Bunco' friends from Victoria, Lynn Dworsky. Here are some pictures, including one of Patsy and Lynn as one of Lynn with her husband, Al.

Note: Most of the different kinds of cactus in the above photo are metal!!

We picked up the Bus, and drove to Boerne to the RV park. Tomorrow, I will post pictures of the Amigo Allegros!

Trip to Fredericksburg -- Day 2

On Thursday, we spent the day "walking" main street Fredericksburg, and browsing the stores. I did not take pictures because we had been here before. One of the unusual aspects of this trip was the occupancy of the Fredericksburg RV Park. When we checked in on Wednesday, there was a fifth wheel and another motorhome in the 'non-permanent' area along with us. They left on Thursday morning, and nobody checked in all day. We were the only ones in the park on a nightly basis: (Here are pictures from both sides of the park)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trip to Fredericksburg -- Day 1

We left Victoria today, and drove to Fredericksburg to spend a couple of days 'vacationing' before our first campout with a new Allegro Chapter, the "Allegro Amigos", which is centered out of San Antonio. The campout will be Friday through Sunday at the Alamo Fiesta campground in Boerne, TX.

We came to Fredericksburg through Boerne, and before we left, I checked diesel prices since we needed quite a bit. In Victoria, the best price was $4.69/gal and most of the truckstops like Flying J were at the $4.66 range. I had called a couple of Walmarts (Murphy Oil Co.), and the one in Boerne had diesel for $4.52/gal. With our extra 3 cent discount for using a Walmart Discover card, it was $4.49/gal. We ended up taking on 90 gallons, and that gave us at least an $18.00 savings!

We got to Fredericksburg about 2:00pm and checked into the Fredericksburg RV Park for two nights. It is a Passport America park, and it only costs us $16/night for full hookups, cable TV, and free WIFI. This afternoon, we decided to drive 25 miles to Kerrville, TX, and visit the Texas version of Stonehedge. Here is a reference site:


We got back to Fredericksburg, and did a driving tour of the main street to get ready for our shopping walk in the morning.

Here are some Stonehedge pictures.........

Tomorrow, we take on Fredericksburg...........

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Bus Has a New Home!!

No.......... we didn't sell it!!!

We brought the Bus home in December, 2007, and had planned to store it inside a garage where we had kept our Airstream motorhome. However, I did not check the total height of the Bus, and although it would fit width-wise, the garage door was not tall enough.

Our hometown of Victoria has very limited storage options with 12' wide by 14' tall doorways. We found one place that we liked, but they had no vacancies, although they were about to evict one tenant, who was not making payments. We got on their waiting list in January, and it just took a long time for the eviction process to complete. We were promised May 1, then July 1, and finally got in on July 9.
It is really nice to have our driveway back again!! Here's what we have been dealing with:

Now this is it's new home. It has a security fence, and it is 60' x 14' with a door on each end. In the next two pictures, it is the second door from the front in the middle section:

For the first time, we drove it through the rear door. From now on, I will probably back it in. We have about 20' of additional storage in the rear, and for now, I am keeping it on pallets on the side so that I have the option of driving 'through'! It also has two electric plugs on the driver's side, and I can keep it plugged in to maintain all the batteries:

If you look closely at the above picture, you can see a small pallet that I beefed up as a 'porch step' with a door mat to keep the Bus clean!

We are pretty much avoiding traveling in the summer heat. We have a 5-day trip planned to Fredericksburg, TX and Boerne, TX to have a weekend campout with the new Allegro club out of San Antonio called the Allegro Amigos. We have another campout out in mid-August.