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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Allegro Amigos at Alamo Fiesta RV Park - Friday

We arrived at the RV park at about 2:00pm on Friday, and 3 other couples had already arrived with their RV's. By 6:00pm, the 5th and final couple arrived, and we went out to the "Hungry Horse" family restaurant for dinner.

When we got back, we spent most of the evening getting to know each other and inspecting each other's rigs.

Here are the coaches all in a line. Note that there is a Fleetwood in the row that is parked here without anyone in it:
We will see what tomorrow brings............... we have a meeting at 10:00am.

1 comment:

Al & Barb said...

How are things. So did you miss the VHS reunion?

Looks like everyone enjoys the RV. I would like to have some of that cool water about now.

Later, Al and Barb