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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saturday - Dinoworld Visit and Our Anniversary

On Saturday morning, the 'Kids' and grandkids went to a commercial 'enterprise' at the entrance to the state park, called "Dinoworld". It is a fun area for small kids with a dinosaur theme. Here are some pictures...........

There must have been a 'photo Op', and they took advantage of it............ first the grandkids:
Then, Mom............

And finally, Aunt Deanne:
On Saturday, June 7, Patsy and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. We were somewhat surprised that the kids had done some prep work......... checking the Internet for a good local restaurant, and ordering a cake. We ate at Juliany's Italian Restaurant, and it was very good! Here are some pictures:
Matthew really enjoyed the spaghetti:

Afterwards, we went back to the Bus for a little anniversary cake. Of course, it had a 'dinosaur' theme! Patsy and I also got a couple of gifts........... including a dinosaur 'bobble head' for my dashboard!!!

Before the night ended, we built a small fire, with illegal twigs collected in the park, and made some S'mores!!

We got up on Sunday morning, packed up our gear, and everybody headed back to their home. Patsy and I stayed back awhile to "pick up the Bus", and headed home at a leisurely pace a couple of hours later.
It turned out to be a very pleasant "family weekend outing"!!

Friday -- Everybody is Here!

Mom and Dad showed up at mid-morning. A big part of the day was spent in the river, where the dinosaur tracks are located. The grandkids really had a lot of fun.......... especially Matthew!! Aunt Deanne, Mom, and Day mainly enjoyed just being in the cool water with the high temperatures. Here are some 'water' pictures:
The rest of the day was spent at the campsite........... playing with bubbles and water guns, putting up tents, and just sitting around. We also ate some watermelon!
Everybody took a nap on Friday afternoon, and guess who was the first one to get up and was really ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Thursday -- We Arrive at Dinosaur Valley State Park!

On Thursday morning, we packed up and headed to Dinosaur Valley State Park....... about 40 miles from Cleburne. We got set up on a good site, and drove around the park. Aunt Deanne was going to show up on Thursday evening, and Mom & Day were not coming until Friday morning.

The ranger station at Dinosaur Valley had a dinosaur in the stonework on the building side facing the entrance:

We, rather the grandkids, immediately found the dinosaurs:

We also found the local playground. The kids had a good time, even though the playground was somewhat limited:
The size of the playground did not phase the grandkids.......... Aubrey is content with spending quiet time with Grammie:

............. and give Matthew a stick and a place with a lot of rocks, and he is happy!!

Tonight, Aunt Deanne shows up.............. and tomorrow morning, Mom & Dad!!

Wednesday -- On the way to Dinosaur Valley State Park

The grandkids, Matthew and Aubrey, slept over on Tuesday night, and early Wednesday morning, we headed out to Glen Rose, TX. It was the first trip in the Bus for the kids......... on our Lake Texana trip, they rode in the car with Grammie. They liked sitting high up and watching the big trucks go by.......... especially on the interstate when they were in the lane right next to the Bus. Here they are in the Bus.......... still in their PJ's!!

On the way, we stopped by the Cabela's store in Buda, TX, which is on IH35 just below Austin, TX. Matthew had remembered being there about a year ago, and called it a zoo, because they have all of the setups of wild animals in natural environments, as well as a very nice sized aquarium. Here are some pictures of them looking at the displays:

Here they are amazed at the fish swimming in the aquarium:

.......... and 'dead-eye' Matthew at the shooting gallery:

After Cabela's, we hit a McDonald's for lunch (never again......... I got re-acquainted with the reason that I only eat breakfast there!!), and then drove toward Glen Rose. We had already planned to spend Wednesday night at the Lake Cleburne State Park in Cleburne, TX, so that is where we stopped in the evening. They had a nice playground, and the kids burned off some energy and had a good time: