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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday -- We Arrive at Dinosaur Valley State Park!

On Thursday morning, we packed up and headed to Dinosaur Valley State Park....... about 40 miles from Cleburne. We got set up on a good site, and drove around the park. Aunt Deanne was going to show up on Thursday evening, and Mom & Day were not coming until Friday morning.

The ranger station at Dinosaur Valley had a dinosaur in the stonework on the building side facing the entrance:

We, rather the grandkids, immediately found the dinosaurs:

We also found the local playground. The kids had a good time, even though the playground was somewhat limited:
The size of the playground did not phase the grandkids.......... Aubrey is content with spending quiet time with Grammie:

............. and give Matthew a stick and a place with a lot of rocks, and he is happy!!

Tonight, Aunt Deanne shows up.............. and tomorrow morning, Mom & Dad!!

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