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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Lone Star Allegroes -- La Grange, TX; Part 2

I had promised a second post for the Lone Star Allegroes La Grange rally........... but I did not plan for it to be this late!

I took some pictures of the 12 Tiffin motorhomes in a row. Here it is:

As I stated previously, the campground was nicely layed out. They also have a nice walkway along the Colorado River. Here are some pictures including one of Patsy relaxing in a swing and reading a book:

There were two couples at this meeting that were at the Allegro Fall Rally in Murchinson, TX that we attended last fall with our friends Mark and Sue Didelot. So that Mark can remember them, here are the pictures: Roger & Donna Squires, and George & Janet Lambe. The Lambes had only had their Phaeton for about a week at the Fall Rally, but they are very experienced now. They have had their day/night shades upgraded to the MCD shades, and are on their way to the Tiffin 2008 National Rally at the Spring Gulch Resort in New Holland, PA.

We left La Grange on Sunday, and spent Monday and Tuesday in Victoria. On Wednesday, we packed up the grandkids and headed toward Glen Rose, TX for our long weekend at the Dinosar Valley State Park.

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