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Friday, December 29, 2006

Installation of Wave 8 Heater

While in Quartzsite in the winter of 2006, we found a sale on the Olympia Wave heaters by Camco in the big tent. Since we were boondocking, and it had gotten quite cold at night, we took an interest. We decided on the Wave 8, which was on sale for around $200. I bought a flaring tool kit at another vendor, and discovered Herb's Hardware store for fittings. After about 2 hours work, we were set. Here are some pictures of the install.

Since the heater used Low Pressure propane, I tied into the feed to the Motorhome range using a tee fitting.

I then ran the tubing down along the drawers below the range, and drilled an exit hole between the drawers and the refrigerator. I had purchased a shutoff valve and a quick-connect designed for propane from Herb's Hardware, and these were installed at the end of the tubing.

Here is a closeup of the valve and quick connect.

Here's a picture of the heater hooked up and in the normal place that we used it while parked.

While traveling, the hose is disconnected, valve is closed, and the heater is pushed up against the couch with the heater legs underneath the couch to keep it from tipping over. Because dust is bad for the catalytic pad, we keep a cover on it while traveling and when stored for the summer.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Early 2007 Plans

We are currently planning a six week trip. It will begin with a campout at Rayford Crossing RV Resort in Spring, Texas with the Gulf Coast RV Group (http://gulfcoastrvclub.org/) on January 12--14. We then will travel to Quartzsite to be there for the big RV Show during the week of January 20. We plan to camp in the desert with the RVAmerica group. We camped with this group last January, and here is a picture:

Following that week, we will caravan with six other RVs to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for 8 days.

More to follow.