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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vogt RV “Tiffin” Rally

We left Victoria on Wednesday, October 31, to drive to Fort Worth, TX to attend the Vogt RV Tiffin Owner’s Rally from November 1—4.  Along the way, we saw the following ‘scene’ of an antique car coming through the fa├žade of the building next to the City Meat Market in Giddings, TX,,,,,,



We had made reservations at the Tree Tops RV Park in Arlington for the first night, so we could have empty waste and a full fresh water tank when we arrived at the rally.  It is a passport America park and it was only about $15/night.  Here is a couple of pictures of our site……….


It is a really nice and quiet park.  We have stayed there about 5 times in the past.

On Thursday, we left the campground and went to the Texas Land and Cattle Steak House for lunch prior to heading to Vogt RV for the rally.

We arrived at the rally site about 15 minutes after it opened, and a lot of coaches were already there.  We got parked and set up quickly, and began to enjoy the rally.  We had a 50amp hookup, but no water or sewer.  Here is where we were parked.  Note that there were three coaches in our color pattern in a row of 5 coaches!  No 1, 3(us), and 5!

IMG_0861All meals were included in the $49 rally cost, and were catered by the same company.  They are serious about cooking, and here is their portable grill…….


Vogt RV had about 8 new Tiffin coaches on display, and Bob Tiffin was there for 2 1/2 days.  I had a good discussion with him about some issues on our motorhome, as well as a discussion about why his sons are causing concerns with some owners.  I also got a picture of him with Patsy…..



There was about 75 rigs and 150 people in attendance.  Out friends, Charlie and Jo Stanger were among them….


I took the following pictures at one of the evening meals where Vogt had a live band for entertainment…..


Here’s a picture of the band…………….


During the rally, the had a dog show and competition.  This show made me wonder about some of the RV people.  One lady had her poor dog dressed up like a shark…….


One lady wanted to win so bad, that she had her husband stand in as a dog……… maybe she treats him like a dog, so it seemed natural!!!!!


He even rolled over, and when his belly was scratched, his leg twitched!!!!


……………. and then there was our buddy, Hank Smith, who had one of those ‘ghost’ dog leashes, (the stiff kind of leash), and he put a stuffed puppy in it.  By the way he made it do tricks, it was clear to me that this was not the first time!!!!  Here is a picture of Hank with Charlie Stanger and I looking on…..


We were very surprised.  The rally was one of the best that we have attended.  We left on Sunday morning, and headed by home to Victoria via Austin to visit Patsy’s cousin.   From Austin, we took the toll road that goes around Austin and connects with the newer section on the south side of Austin.  The speed limit on the first section was 80mph and the latter was 85mph!!  It was fun in the Bus with a toad!



We made it home a little quicker, but probably paid for it in diesel fuel!!

Until the next trip…. November 29!!