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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Matthew’s Road Trip – Day 3

We slept in late this morning, even Matthew who is usually up by 6:30am, slept until past 8:00am!!

We had breakfast, and then we gave Matthew a United States map puzzle that we gave him to help him understand our travels.  He did pretty good putting it together….. it has an outline under the pieces!!

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 002

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 004

About 10:00am, it was getting pretty warm outside, so we got dressed, and went looking for a local playground for Matthew. 

My cousin, Duane King, from Council Bluffs, IA, ordered a Tiffin Phaeton motorhome after seeing my Bus in June, and his build begins tomorrow.  I wanted to take pictures of his chassis before the welding began, so I dropped Patsy and Matthew off at a playground, and I went to the factory to get the pictures.  Here’s Matthew leading Patsy to the equipment:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 042

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 036

The guard told me that she couldn’t let me into the plant because it was closed……. so I asked her if she didn’t need to make a round, and that I would ride in the golf cart with her!!  She smiled and agreed!!!  I got my pictures!!  Here’s a couple of pictures:

Duanes MH - Chassis 033

Duanes MH - Chassis 022

Duanes MH - Chassis 024

After getting my pictures, I returned to the playground, and Matthew was having a good time.  The following are mainly for Mom and Dad (and Aubrey!):

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 011

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 006

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 007

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 008

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 009

Next to the playground, there is a skateboard park, and Matthew brought his scooter with him on the trip, so we went to the skate park:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 014

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 012

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 013

As much fun that he had, he seemed to have more fun kicking large pine cones:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 023

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 019

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 020

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 021

While in the park, we found a table that makes the monster that his dad, Rick, built in college look kind of puny!!

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 025

After playing, we drove around town.  We found a restaurant named “Ezzell’s”, Matthew’s mom’s maiden name, and we took pictures of Matthew at the signs:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 029

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 028

Matthew was glad to see that there was no resemblance between him and the guy on the sign!!!!

We returned to the campground and we let Matthew run off some more energy!!

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 031

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 030

Matthew spotted this metal dog with his leg raised and peeing on a fire in someone’s front windshield!!

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 034

We will see what tomorrow brings.

Matthew’s Road Trip – Day 2

On Friday morning, I woke up at about 3:30am from a lot of noise on the Wal-Mart parking lot where we parked for the night Thursday.  I looked outside, and saw the “Black Friday” shoppers filling up the lot, so I decided I would get on the road before I got blocked in.  Patsy and Matthew continued to sleep, and I took off, as the streets in Denham Springs, LA where really coming to life!!

After about an hour, I pulled over to check on Matthew and Patsy.  Patsy was getting one of her bad headaches, and Matthew opened his eyes.  We asked him if he wanted to sleep, or go up front and ‘drive’ with Poppaw.  He jumped out of bed and ran to the front seat.  He and I drove until about 7:00am when we pulled off the interstate at a McDonalds for breakfast.  He got the 3 hotcakes and sausage, and woofed down all three pancakes!!

We got back on the road and drove until we got to the Flying “J” truck stop at Jackson, MS, and pulled over to get fuel.  That was about 10:00am.  After getting back on I-55, we took the Natchez Trace ramp just north of Jackson, and drove the Trace for the next 145 miles to Tupelo.  Here’s Matthew at the Trace sign:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 2 002

In the earlier hours, Matthew and I continued to play our game of seeing who spotted big trucks in the on-coming lane first.  The Trace does not allow commercial vehicles, so Matthew got bored, and played with his game box.  Patsy finally felt good enough to get up, and took these pictures:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 2 003

Matt's Roadtrip Day 2 006

We did see some ducks and deer along the trace.  At about 11:00am, Patsy switched seats with Matthew, and while laying and looking at library books, he quickly fell asleep.  We arrived in Tupelo about 12:30, and decided to visit the local Wal-Mart Supercenter for a few things before we headed to Red Bay.  Matthew was still asleep, but we woke him up and we all went into Wal-Mart.  The traffic on the streets was very heavy and parking around Wal-Mart was a real challenge.

We finished our shopping, and headed the last 45 miles to the Allegro campground in Red Bay, AL.  When we got there, we found a new campground sign:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 041

We also found the campground more empty than ever before.  Holidays, I guess, and surely by Sunday night, it will be full again.

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 037

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 038

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 039

Matt's Roadtrip Day 3 040

After checking in, and before parking, we washed the bugs off the front of the Bus at the campground wash area.  Then we parked and set up.  It was nice to be settled after 850 miles in 2 days.  We cleaned up the Bus and ourselves and settled in.  Matthew watch a video before going to bed:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 2 007

Matt's Roadtrip Day 2 009

Matt's Roadtrip Day 2 011

Tomorrow, we will find Matthew a playground in town, and check out the other Tiffin’s in the campground!!

Matthew’s Road Trip – Day 1

Our day started out in Cuero at the Ezzell’s (Laura’s parents) home for brunch at 9:30, and to pick up Matthew for the trip.  The brunch was very good, and filling.  We left there at about 11:00am, and headed toward Red Bay. 

After stopping for fuel at the Wharton Wal-Mart, It was non-stop driving until we got to the Denham Springs, LA Wal-Mart at 7:00pm, where we shutdown and I found the Texas and Texas A&M game on satellite. 

Patsy heated up the turkey and dressing that we had picked up at our local Furr’s Cafeteria for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are some pictures for the day.  The first set is Matthew and his sister, Aubrey horsing around before brunch:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 003

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 004

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 005

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 009

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 010

Then, it was time for Mom to tell Matthew goodbye:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 017

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 018

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 019

…….and for Grammy to tell Aubrey goodbye:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 020

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 023

As we were leaving, Matthew thought his driving lessons were going to start today!!!  Later, boy, later……….

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 024

For his first day, Matthew was an excellent traveler.  For a while, he played with a game box…….

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 025

Other times, he rode shotgun and helped me drive and we played a game, trying to see who could be the first to spot on-coming 18-wheelers:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 027

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 030

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 031

At about 4:00pm, he decided look at some library books and let Patsy move back up front.  However, within 10 minutes, he was out for a 1 1/2 hour nap:

Matt's Roadtrip Day 1 037

I’ve been building this post during the football game……. and it’s a good one!!  We will spend the night here, and drive hard to get to Red Bay on Friday night.