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Friday, November 29, 2013

Camping Friends “Thanksgiving” Weekend Rally

As stated in the last post, we arrived on Wednesday for the Camping Friends rally to celebrate Thanksgiving 2013. 

Here are some pictures of the park and our site from across the pond…………


The Didelot’s rig is parked on the other side of us.  Below is a picture of the rally hall from across the pond………


Some pictures of the office and the park entrance.  This is a really nice and quiet park out in the country, and they decorate it nicely each Christmas.  They also provided the Thanksgiving dinner for the park this year.


Here is a close-up picture of our site, and a picture of the new Honda parked behind the Bus.  It is better color coordinated than the gray Honda!!!


The view from our site….


More on the rally as time moves on………….

Foundation Work and Health Check-ups

After our 7 week trip, and our last rally with the Bluebonnet Allegro Club, we were at home for about 10 days and had a lot of activity. 

We had a visit with our Dermatology Doctor for a skin cancer checkup, and had a couple of ‘suspect’ areas ‘frozen’ off. 

After surviving that, we had to go home and remove all of the furniture and stuff off the walls and shelves in our master bedroom and living room so that the foundation company could dig a big hole in our floor to raise the fireplace in the middle of the house that had allowed the slab to sink….. after we had the perimeter shored up!!  We also had to seal off other areas of the house to keep the concrete dust from going everywhere from the jackhammer activity.  Here are some pictures, beginning with the material needed for the job…….


Digging in the living room….


The holes in the bedroom……


and in the living room…….


and the patch after the job.


When the concrete patch dried, we had to schedule a carpet guy in to re-install the carpet, and then a “Stanley Steemer” service to clean the carpet before we replaced the furniture.

We had removed the furniture on a Sunday, and put it all back on the following Sunday and Monday.

On that same second Sunday, I began my prep for a colonoscopy and and had the procedure on Monday afternoon.  Patsy began her prep on Monday, and had her procedure on Tuesday morning!!  Everything came out OK, but the whole 10-day process was hectic and busy.  Here is a picture of Patsy sleeping after her procedure……


After resting Tuesday night, we left town on Wednesday morning for a rally with the “Camping Friends” RV group at the Country Place RV Park in Cut N Shoot, TX.  Next weekend, we have a rally with the Lone Star Allegro Camping Club at this same RV Park!

Having two rallies at this campground on consecutive weekends caused us to re-think our mode of travel.  Instead of hooking up and towing our older Honda CRV, which has a tow bar and lights set up on it, we brought our newer Honda CRV, which is not set up yet.  This required Patsy to follow me in the car during the 150 mile trip.  We did this because we both have a doctor’s appointment on Monday that we did not want to re-schedule…….. and the newer will be nicer for the round trip drive as we leave the Bus at Country Place!!

We arrived at the RV park at about 2:30PM, got a good rate for an 11 day stay, and set up.  We plan to spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday safely right here in the park in our Bus!!

More later……

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Trip Beginning With An “End Job” Setup!!!

On Tuesday, Patsy and I had our appointment with the doctor that will be doing our colonoscopies on Monday and Tuesday, November 25 & 26. After the appointment, we went to the hospital to get registered for the disgusting procedure and then to Wal-Mart to drop off our prescriptions for the tasty solution that starts off the whole process!!!

After that, we went home, picked up the Bus, hooked up the car, and left the bad memories of the first part of the day behind us.  We headed toward Spring, Texas for the Texas Bluebonnet Allegro Club rally.  We had to get to the Southwest side of Houston, Sugar Land, to pick up a pair of new tennis shoes that I called and had an Academy put on hold for me.  They were open until 10:00PM, and we got there at about 8:30PM. 

We successfully picked up the shoes, and then drove into Houston and stopped on a parking lot and tuned the TV’s, so I could watch my favorite CBS show, “Person of Interest”.  After the show, we drove through Houston, and overnighted at the Wal-Mart in Spring.  On Wednesday morning, we drove the next 10 miles to the Rayford Crossing RV Resort for the rally.  While we were checking in, John Perrella, whom with his wife, Becky, traveled with us last January to Quartzsite after hooking up with us in El Paso, met me at the check-in area.  They are not members of this club, but are just staying at this resort, since they were originally from The Woodlands, TX.  Last January, they were on their way to Alaska, where they were planning on workamping for the Summer.  You can read about it on their web site.

In fact, they are parked almost across the street from us (with their SUV parked in front of the coach.  Their coach is a year newer than ours, but a very similar pattern of paint…..


Yesterday, I took a couple of pictures of RV’s with personalized signs in the front window, similar to ours, that Sue Didelot had painted.  At the end of the day, there were three coaches in a row that had the signs, and the Didelots have never been to a meeting of this club!!



You can see other signs that Sue has painted here!

We had camped at Rayford Crossing several times in the past, in fact, it was here that we met the Didelot’s……. at a meeting of a now defunct club.  We hadn’t been back for a long time, and no, it was just the bad luck of meeting Mark Didelot here(!!!!), we just haven’t had any rallies here.  Resort has evolved into a very nice campground.  Here are a few pictures, beginning with the “premium sites” at the ends of the rows that include tables/chairs and BBQ pits……..


The swimming pool is listed as ‘heated’, but with the temperatures close to freezing overnight, and warming to the 50’s in the daytime, there were no takers!  The wooden walkway in the above picture led to a playground with swings, etc.

This rally is a Tiffin brand rally, but there are far more Tiffin Motorhomes in the park than what belongs to the club.  There are two top of the line Zephyrs here, and someone told me that a third left right before we got here.  There a many more Bus’ and Phaetons.

More later……..

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall 2013 Road Trip–It’s Over!!

I got a phone call from our friend, Lori, yesterday asking if we got home OK!  She said that our blog was not updated, so she did not know for sure.  I guess it was the depression that always sets in on me when we head home from a trip!!!!

This trip was another really good one.  It lasted about 7 weeks, and took us to Little Rock to see our granddaughter, Red Bay, AL for some Bus modifications and repairs, Pine Mountain, GA for a TRVN RV rally, York, Pa to attend an FMCA RV rally, Lancaster, PA to tour the Amish country, Pittsburgh, PA to visit RV friends and old neighbors (from our time there in the 80’s), Millersburg, OH to visit the Ohio Amish area, and to Branson, MO to see and babysit our granddaughter, Rachel, again.  Boy, it was a great trip!!

Continuing from our last post, we left Branson for a leisurely trip to Conroe, Texas to attend an RV rally at the local KOA with the Lone Star Allegro Club.  The trip took two days, and we took our time.  It was a nice trip.


We spent Monday night on a Walmart parking lot in Durant,OK. Although it is unusual for me, I woke up at 3:30AM, and after laying in bed for a while, I decided it would be a good idea to drive through Dallas in the early morning hours………. so we got on the road.  It was a good idea, as traffic was getting heavy when we passed through!!

We made it to Conroe about noon, and after the two days of rain subsided, we had a nice time.  I did not take any pictures, but you can see some of the events on our friend, Connie’s, blog.

We left on Saturday afternoon because Patsy wanted to attend a baby shower for our Niece-In-Law, Kristene!!

Since home, we have spent the last week, cleaning up the Bus and making minor repairs from the road trip, as well as emptying our master bedroom and living room in preparation for some foundation work beginning in two weeks. 

We leave for an RV rally with the Texas Bluebonnet Allegro Club in Spring, TX on Wednesday morning.

More later……….