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Friday, November 29, 2013

Camping Friends “Thanksgiving” Weekend Rally

As stated in the last post, we arrived on Wednesday for the Camping Friends rally to celebrate Thanksgiving 2013. 

Here are some pictures of the park and our site from across the pond…………


The Didelot’s rig is parked on the other side of us.  Below is a picture of the rally hall from across the pond………


Some pictures of the office and the park entrance.  This is a really nice and quiet park out in the country, and they decorate it nicely each Christmas.  They also provided the Thanksgiving dinner for the park this year.


Here is a close-up picture of our site, and a picture of the new Honda parked behind the Bus.  It is better color coordinated than the gray Honda!!!


The view from our site….


More on the rally as time moves on………….

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap!!! It looked like you were about to start your own version of the underground railroad at your place.