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Friday, November 29, 2013

Foundation Work and Health Check-ups

After our 7 week trip, and our last rally with the Bluebonnet Allegro Club, we were at home for about 10 days and had a lot of activity. 

We had a visit with our Dermatology Doctor for a skin cancer checkup, and had a couple of ‘suspect’ areas ‘frozen’ off. 

After surviving that, we had to go home and remove all of the furniture and stuff off the walls and shelves in our master bedroom and living room so that the foundation company could dig a big hole in our floor to raise the fireplace in the middle of the house that had allowed the slab to sink….. after we had the perimeter shored up!!  We also had to seal off other areas of the house to keep the concrete dust from going everywhere from the jackhammer activity.  Here are some pictures, beginning with the material needed for the job…….


Digging in the living room….


The holes in the bedroom……


and in the living room…….


and the patch after the job.


When the concrete patch dried, we had to schedule a carpet guy in to re-install the carpet, and then a “Stanley Steemer” service to clean the carpet before we replaced the furniture.

We had removed the furniture on a Sunday, and put it all back on the following Sunday and Monday.

On that same second Sunday, I began my prep for a colonoscopy and and had the procedure on Monday afternoon.  Patsy began her prep on Monday, and had her procedure on Tuesday morning!!  Everything came out OK, but the whole 10-day process was hectic and busy.  Here is a picture of Patsy sleeping after her procedure……


After resting Tuesday night, we left town on Wednesday morning for a rally with the “Camping Friends” RV group at the Country Place RV Park in Cut N Shoot, TX.  Next weekend, we have a rally with the Lone Star Allegro Camping Club at this same RV Park!

Having two rallies at this campground on consecutive weekends caused us to re-think our mode of travel.  Instead of hooking up and towing our older Honda CRV, which has a tow bar and lights set up on it, we brought our newer Honda CRV, which is not set up yet.  This required Patsy to follow me in the car during the 150 mile trip.  We did this because we both have a doctor’s appointment on Monday that we did not want to re-schedule…….. and the newer will be nicer for the round trip drive as we leave the Bus at Country Place!!

We arrived at the RV park at about 2:30PM, got a good rate for an 11 day stay, and set up.  We plan to spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday safely right here in the park in our Bus!!

More later……

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