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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Four Wheeling!!

On Saturday, Earl, Mike and Bill, who had hauled their four-wheelers to Puerto Penasco, offered to take three of the Tiffin Trash (Richard, Mark and Chuck) to go riding on the dunes.  Manuel, who it turned out was the smarter Tiffin Trash, declined and stayed at the campground to clean up his Phaeton.

We started out riding, but the owners soon let us take off by ourselves…….. (maybe our wives paid them to get us hurt!!!!)  The three of us had a great time.  Chuck was heard saying that it would take a week after he died to wipe the smile off his face because he was having so much fun.  Mark had driven one before, and Chuck may have had some experience.  However, I had never been on one.

Here are some pictures…………. and they speak for themselves:  (Note:  Mark is wearing the blue shirt, I am wearing the black shirt, and Chuck is in short sleeves)

4 Wheeling 017

4 Wheeling 019

4 Wheeling 021

4 Wheeling 023

4 Wheeling 026

4 Wheeling 031

4 Wheeling 024

4 Wheeling 029

4 Wheeling 030

4 Wheeling 034

4 Wheeling 037

4 Wheeling 039

4 Wheeling 040

4 Wheeling 041

After 4-wheeling for a while, we went to a nearby town and had some drinks at a local bar.  Of course, shopping was available……

Mark, Mike and Earl:

4 Wheeling 044

4 Wheeling 046

We also saw the ‘vehicle’ that they use to launch boats into the water.  Note the engine up high.  The vehicle hooks onto the boat trailer, and “drives” it into the water.  We did not get to see it in action, though.

4 Wheeling 042

Tomorrow, the plan is to borrow the 4-wheelers and take our wives out for a spin.  It should be a fun day!!

Sue Didelot has a Birthday


On Saturday, Sue Didelot celebrated a birthday.  We had planned to have a group dinner, but the Tiffin ladies also had purchased gifts for her….. so we had a little surprise birthday party in our Bus during the afternoon.  Patsy made her a birthday cake, and the other ladies brought other foods.

Here are some pictures from the party.

Sue's Surprise B'Day Party 002

Sue's Surprise B'Day Party 007

Sue's Surprise B'Day Party 008

Sue's Surprise B'Day Party 010

The cake did not have candles because it was already pretty warm in the Bus, and the water pressure at the campground is too low to fight a coach fire!!!


At 5:30PM, the group assembled to walk to the Playa Bonita resort restaurant for the birthday dinner.

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 002

We walked along the concrete walkway along the beach.

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 006

The restaurant set up a long table for us on the patio.  Sue immediately started drinking margaritas and whatever else was handy while the musicians played happy birthday to her….

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 008

Mike and Kathy presented Sue with a flower, which she immediately broke by trying to make a hat out of it!!

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 010

Mike Nicks, never one to miss out on a party, began to drink heartily…….

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 012

The restaurant offered a Mexican food buffet, so that is what everyone had.  Frank and Manuel were first in line:

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 015

Here are my plates of food.  It was good for the price.

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 017

Here are Patsy, Bob & Linda, and Manuel enjoying the meal.

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 018

Here are Mark and Sue enjoying a dance before dessert….

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 021

Here Sue is dancing with Mike, while Connie and Manuel show their stuff………..

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 028

Here’s a picture of Linda with Mike at her side, taking a picture of me taking a picture.  Notice the sunset in the background!!

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 024

Sue's  B'Day Dinner 030

In the picture above, Sue is reading her birthday card signed by everyone in the camping group.


Happy Birthday, Sue!!

Shopping in Puerto Penasco

The following series of pictures were taken while we (really the wives) shopped in the two main business areas (“Shacks” Fifth Avenue and the ‘Old Port’) in Puerto Penasco.  We also ate lunch at a local restaurant.

Patsy shopping at a store on Shacks 5th Ave:

Around Town 004

Manuel looking for his rocking Peacock……..

Around Town 005

Connie and Patsy posing with a black horse….

Around Town 007

Mike cleaning his shirt with a “Tide Stick” at the restaurant……

Around Town 008

Fishing boats taken from the window of the restaurant:

Around Town 010

Around Town 024Pelicans resting on the rocks of the beach below the restaurant: Around Town 014

Our campground viewed across the water from the Old Port restaurant:

Around Town 016

(l—r) Connie, Lorraine, and Patsy shopping…….

Around Town 032

Around Town 030

The three shoppers posing at a statue in the parking lot:

Around Town 038

(L—r) Richard, Patsy, Lorraine, Connie and Manuel at the Restaurant --- 3rd floor!

Around Town 042

The ladies navigating the spiral staircase from the 3rd floor of the restaurant to the 2nd floor….

Around Town 044

The Old Port main street……….

Around Town 048

The ladies shopping in the Old Port area:

Around Town 051

I am sure that there will be more shopping……

Travel – Border to Puerto Penasco


On Wednesday, we met up at the border crossing in Lukeville, AZ, and all 13 rigs (12 motorhomes and 1 fifth wheel) convoyed to Puerto Penasco.   The first picture below shows our Bus in the middle of two other rigs.  The picture was taken by Connie Esparza, who was fourth in line………..

Drive to Puerto Penasco 034

The following pictures are scenes of Puerto Penasco as we drove through town on the way to the campground taken through the Bus windshield by Patsy…….

Road to PP 001

Road to PP 006

Road to PP 007

Road to PP 008

Road to PP 011

Road to PP 012

Road to PP 018

The next couple of pictures shows us approaching the campground and entering through the gates….

Campground 003

Drive to Puerto Penasco 133

The next two pictures show the four Tiffin coaches lined up on the same row.   Right to left:  King’s, Esparza, Didelots and North.  The fifth coach is a Holiday Rambler belonging to Bob and Linda of Because-we-can fame …..

Campground 006 Drive to Puerto Penasco 143

We will be at this campground until Wednesday of next week.