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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Return From the Honeymoon

While Deanne and Mike took their honeymoon cruise, Patsy and I kept Izzy, her Sheltie. They were scheduled to return to Galveston on New Year's Day, so we drove the Bus to Galveston on New Year's Eve to meet them and return Izzy. We spent the night on a Sam's Club parking lot in Friendswood, and then drove the CRV to meet them the next day. Here's a picture of Izzy in bed with Patsy:

On New Year's Day, we got a call from Deanne that they were docking, so we got up and headed to Gaveston. As it turned out, their floor was one of the last to disembark, so we had some time to ride around. We went to the Galveston beach area and looked at the damage from hurricane Ike, and then drove around the town. We did get some good pictures of the cruise ship docked in the port...............

When they did get off the ship, we took them to their car, and they followed us back to the Bus so Deanne could pick up some of the stuff that we took home from the wedding. Needless to say, Izzy was glad to see Deanne.

Here's a picture of Deanne, Mike and Izzy in the car, which was packed full for the trip back to Little Rock.


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