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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Four Wheeling!!

On Saturday, Earl, Mike and Bill, who had hauled their four-wheelers to Puerto Penasco, offered to take three of the Tiffin Trash (Richard, Mark and Chuck) to go riding on the dunes.  Manuel, who it turned out was the smarter Tiffin Trash, declined and stayed at the campground to clean up his Phaeton.

We started out riding, but the owners soon let us take off by ourselves…….. (maybe our wives paid them to get us hurt!!!!)  The three of us had a great time.  Chuck was heard saying that it would take a week after he died to wipe the smile off his face because he was having so much fun.  Mark had driven one before, and Chuck may have had some experience.  However, I had never been on one.

Here are some pictures…………. and they speak for themselves:  (Note:  Mark is wearing the blue shirt, I am wearing the black shirt, and Chuck is in short sleeves)

4 Wheeling 017

4 Wheeling 019

4 Wheeling 021

4 Wheeling 023

4 Wheeling 026

4 Wheeling 031

4 Wheeling 024

4 Wheeling 029

4 Wheeling 030

4 Wheeling 034

4 Wheeling 037

4 Wheeling 039

4 Wheeling 040

4 Wheeling 041

After 4-wheeling for a while, we went to a nearby town and had some drinks at a local bar.  Of course, shopping was available……

Mark, Mike and Earl:

4 Wheeling 044

4 Wheeling 046

We also saw the ‘vehicle’ that they use to launch boats into the water.  Note the engine up high.  The vehicle hooks onto the boat trailer, and “drives” it into the water.  We did not get to see it in action, though.

4 Wheeling 042

Tomorrow, the plan is to borrow the 4-wheelers and take our wives out for a spin.  It should be a fun day!!

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