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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Annual Quartzsite Trip!!


On Friday, we left Victoria to begin our "Winter '09" RV trip, which includes Quartzsite, AZ. We enjoy the accumulation of RV's and RV information that is what makes up Quartzsite in January of each year. This will be our 4th consecutive trip and our 5th total trip to Quartzsite.

We met Connie and Manuel Esparza ( http://esparzacm.blogspot.com/ ) in San Antonio, and then continued on I-10 to Junction, TX, where we met up with Mark and Sue Didelot ( http://didelottravels.typepad.com/ ) . We expect to be traveling about together for about 5 or 6 weeks, so you can refer to their blogs for additional information and pictures.

After meeting the Didelot's in Junction, we traveled to Fort Stockton, TX, where we settled into a Walmart parking lot for the night (Connie took pictures!!), and then went out to a local restaurant, K-Bob's, and had a pleasant meal. Here is a picture:

On Saturday, we got an early start and made it to another Walmart parking lot in Las Cruces, NM. Here, we took the cars and toured the historic town of Old Mesilla, NM. We toured an old Catholic church and pictures follow:

Additionally, we walked around the town square, and the ladies did a little looking and shopping. Here are some picture of the town area, and the shopping:

On Sunday, we plan to leave early and get to Huachuca City, AZ where we will check into the "Tombstone Territories" campground for a couple of nights. This will allow us to tour Bisbee, AZ and Old Tombstone............. after we watch the playoff games on Sunday!!


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