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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tombstone and Bisbee


On Monday, we drove to Old Tombstone and Bisbee to be tourist. We had visited Old Tombstone with Mark and Sue last year, but we wanted to take Manuel and Connie to see the town. We started out at Boothill, and we all enjoyed it again. We also had lunch at the same place that we did last year!

The following two photos are for our buddy, Ralph from our old "Gulf Coast RV Club":

The above photo is not very clear, Ralph, but I wanted you to see it. They have brothel tokens for sale, and this one was for 'all night'. I bought it for you, but Mark wanted to try it out, and when he used it, they kept it!!

When we got to Bisbee, Mark drove us out to the old copper mine pit. While there, Patsy and I remembered that we had seen a motel-type trailer park in the area. The concept was a bunch of old Airstream trailers set up in a park atmosphere that you could rent for the night in lieu of a motel room. We found it and here are some pictures:

Bisbee is an old mining town that is built in a very hilly area. The streets are narrow, and the homes and businesses are built mostly on steep slopes of the hills. Although it used to be a mining town, it is now an artist haven and tourist town. While in Bisbee, we also picked some organic coffee beans for our friends, Bob and Linda Klyne ( Blog: http://www.because-we-can.net/ ), who are camping with us in Quartzsite. Here are some pictures:

After Bisbee, we had planned to drive to Tucson for dinner at an Outback Restaurant. Some friend of Mark & Sue and Manuel & Connie, that they had met at Red Bay were staying in Tucson, so we called them. They are Dave and Kathy Peters (Blog: http://www.crazycootscoach.blogspot.com/ ) , and they invited us over to their motorhome before dinner. Dave likes to play bartender, and makes a good old fashioned. After drinks, we headed to the restaurant. Here are some pictures:

Tomorrow, we plan to head to Gila Bend for our last "hookup" campground before hitting the desert of Quartzsite.


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