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Friday, January 30, 2009

Travel – Yuma to Mexico

This post is a test.  I am attempting to use software that my buddy, Mark Didelot, gave me about a year ago.  Then it would not work with Blogger, but not it appears to work.  It allows me to write the blog while off the internet, and then ‘dump’ it.  It also allows enlarging the photos!!

We left Quartzsite on Thursday and our three rigs (Didelot’s, Esparza’s, and us) headed to Yuma.  We ‘camped’ for two nights on the Paradise Casino parking lot.


Casino Parking - Yuma 002

Casino Parking - Yuma 007

We all parked in one ‘row’, and there must have been 15 rows available, with about 60% of the rows full.  The Esparzas parked behind us and the Didelots parked across the aisle.


In Yuma, we shopped the two large flea markets, and hit a Sam’s and a Wal-Mart to stock up on supplies.  We also fueled up with diesel for $197.9/gal at the new Yuma Flying J truckstop, which is the best price that I have seen since I bought the Bus!!  Mark had some trouble with his generator, and spend a good part of Saturday working on it.  We had considered visiting “The Slabs” in California, but after looking at the distance (about 200 miles round trip), we changed our minds.


On Sunday, we left Yuma and headed to Gila Bend, and stayed for two nights at the Holt’s Shell Station Campground.  We cleaned up our rigs, washed several loads of clothes, and rested. 


On Tuesday, we headed south toward the Mexico border.  We drove through the town of Ajo, AZ, where we had our Mexican Insurance policies waiting for us to pick them up, and after eating at the local Dairy Queen, we drove further south to the Organ Pipe National Park, where we camped for the night.  After getting set up, we drove a 21 miles scenic route through the park.  Here are pictures…… the first of our group at the Visitor Center standing in front of an organ pipe cactus, and the remainder of the scenery.


Organ Pipe National Park 001

Here’s a picture of a sugaro cactus.  They grow very large in this area!!

Organ Pipe National Park 003

Organ Pipe National Park 030

Here, Manuel and I pose in front of the Bus in our campsite at the park campground……

Organ Pipe National Park 024

Patsy took the following picture while following me out of the campground to the visitor center, where I hooked up the car.  Note how big the cactus are compared to the Bus!!!

 Organ Pipe National Park 038

On Wednesday morning, we left the park and headed the 4 1/2 miles to the border crossing at Lukeville, AZ.  Here is a couple of pictures of us lining up and waiting until all 13 rigs arrived before we crossed, as well as a picture of the small border crossing area…….

At the Border 001

At the Border 003

At the Border 002

When all arrived, we crossed at about 11:00am, and arrived at the Playa Bonita campground in Puerto Penasco, MX at about 1:30PM.

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