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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shopping in Puerto Penasco

The following series of pictures were taken while we (really the wives) shopped in the two main business areas (“Shacks” Fifth Avenue and the ‘Old Port’) in Puerto Penasco.  We also ate lunch at a local restaurant.

Patsy shopping at a store on Shacks 5th Ave:

Around Town 004

Manuel looking for his rocking Peacock……..

Around Town 005

Connie and Patsy posing with a black horse….

Around Town 007

Mike cleaning his shirt with a “Tide Stick” at the restaurant……

Around Town 008

Fishing boats taken from the window of the restaurant:

Around Town 010

Around Town 024Pelicans resting on the rocks of the beach below the restaurant: Around Town 014

Our campground viewed across the water from the Old Port restaurant:

Around Town 016

(l—r) Connie, Lorraine, and Patsy shopping…….

Around Town 032

Around Town 030

The three shoppers posing at a statue in the parking lot:

Around Town 038

(L—r) Richard, Patsy, Lorraine, Connie and Manuel at the Restaurant --- 3rd floor!

Around Town 042

The ladies navigating the spiral staircase from the 3rd floor of the restaurant to the 2nd floor….

Around Town 044

The Old Port main street……….

Around Town 048

The ladies shopping in the Old Port area:

Around Town 051

I am sure that there will be more shopping……

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