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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday


The Super Bowl game started at 6pm EST which was 4pm here at Puerto Penasco.  We watched the game on Chuck’s outside TV.  We all agreed it was a great game, but all of us were pulling for Arizona…… therefore, we did not like the outcome.

Before the game, Mark and I borrowed the 4-Wheelers again and took Sue and Patsy riding.  I think they liked it, but got tired of the sand getting all over them.  Patsy really got a load of sand when I got stuck coming up a hill, and did not make it…… but I tried and they said we were throwing sand 15 ft into the air!!  Here are some pictures, with the first showing us with sand everywhere……..

4 Wheeling 049

4 Wheeling 060

4 Wheeling 064

4 Wheeling 065

4 Wheeling 066

4 Wheeling 068


After the ride, we went back to the Bus and cleaned up.  Then, we went for a ride in the car to a town called La Cholla…… basically a beach community.  Here are some pictures with the first showing a very large home being built to look like a ship.  They can do wonders here with concrete!!

Around Town 054

Here’s a car parked near the home. 

Around Town 055

In the above picture, you can see the pickup parked on the inclined driveway.  Notice the ‘emergency brake’ behind the rear tire!!

Around Town 058


When we got back to the campground, they were flying large kites.  Here’s a sample…..

Around Town 060

Around Town 061

Around Town 065


Shortly after we got back, it was game time.  I watched the game, but did not take any pictures.  Refer to Connie’s blog for that!!

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