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Monday, February 2, 2009

More Shopping and Eating…


On Monday, several of us went back to the Old Port area for lunch and shopping.  We ate at Flavio’s and it was our best lunch yet!

Around Town 078

Here is our group at the table, and we had an open air seat on the water…..

Around Town 071

Here’s a view of our campground across the water from the restaurant.  You can see the row of dark coaches….. those are our’s!!

Around Town 077

As we left the restaurant, we heard music and went to investigate.  Look at the instruments…. plastic barrel and buckets.  They sounded really good!

Around Town 079

Around Town 080

Here are some buildings and scenes from the Old Port area:

Around Town 081

Around Town 083

Around Town 087

Around Town 084

Around Town 085

When we got back to the campground, some people bought items from vendors along the beach.  Here are Sue and Mark bringing their stuff back to the motorhome. 

Campground 011

Here are a couple of boat pictures from our spot in the campground…


Campground 013

Campground 014

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