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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mexico Paint Jobs!!


Two years ago, When we were here last, we saw several coaches being painted or touched up in the campground….. right out in the wind and sand.  The finished product, however, looked pretty good.  This time, three of our group had paint work completed on their rigs.  Two were fairly extensive, so I tried to document them.  Here’s the first.  The entire bottom section was repainted with some body work.


Paint Jobs 001

Paint Jobs 001A

Paint Jobs 002

Paint Jobs 003

Paint Jobs 011

Paint Jobs 013

Paint Jobs 015

Paint Jobs 016

Paint Jobs 018

Paint Jobs 021

Paint Jobs 020

Paint Jobs 023

Paint Jobs 024

……and here’s the happy owner standing in front of the motorhome:

Paint Jobs 019


The second rig just had some paint chips on the front and some of the sides repaired and painted:

Paint Jobs 010

Paint Jobs 012

Paint Jobs 014

Paint Jobs 025

Paint Jobs 026

Both paint jobs turned out very well, and the owners were very happy……. especially with the prices!!

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