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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heading Back to Texas

When the rally was over on Friday morning, Patsy and I hooked up the car, and headed back to Texas.  Our DIL is scheduled for major surgery on Wednesday, and we had volunteered to keep our grandkids during the ordeal.

On the last night of the rally, we visited Nick and Terry in their Bus.  They started with a used bus and gutted it, and with Miss Terry doing most of the work, they converted it into their ‘home on wheels’.  You can read more about it here.  Here are an outside and inside picture of the bus.

Nick's Bus 003

Nick's Bus 005

We spent most of the day driving, but we did stop in Tucson, AZ to visit a Camping World Store, where we purchased a folding aluminum table for the Bus, and to shop one last time at a Trader Joe’s to get some specialty food items. 

Here are some pictures of the scenery on the way out of Arizona and through New Mexico.

The Road Home 007

The Road Home 008

The Road Home 009

The Road Home 012

The Road Home 013

The Road Home 019

The Road Home 021

The Road Home 023

The Road Home 027

We drove until late Friday night and made it to the Flying J at Anthony, TX (close to El Paso) by 7:00pm.  After filling with fuel, we spent the night at the Texas Welcome Center at the Texas border.

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