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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Visiting Cousins Carol and Ron!!

On the way back home, we had decided that we would visit Patsy’s cousin, Carol, and her husband Ron, if we had time.  We found that we did have time, so we called and had a plan to meet them at a Chili’s Restaurant in their hometown of Odessa, TX.  We felt lucky, all three of their sons were home this weekend.

We woke up Saturday morning in Anthony, TX, and had about a 360 mile drive to get to Odessa.  Since it was Ron’s week to work on the weekend, we made plans to meet them at about 5:00pm………… so we had plenty of time. 

We got to the Odessa Chili’s at about 3:30pm, so Patsy baked a ‘brownie’ cake and we bought some Blue Bell ice cream for dessert after dinner.  It was, however, Valentine’s Day and my birthday!!

Being Valentine’s Day and a Saturday night, the restaurant was very busy, and we had to wait about an hour to get a table for seven.  We did finally get a table, and all worked out well.  After dinner, we went to the Bus for visiting and dessert.  The following are are some pictures of our visit……..

The first is a “family” photo: L—>R;  Brent, Josh, Ron, Carol, and Shane. 

Ron & Carol - Feb '09 013a


Here are some of us waiting for a table…..

Ron & Carol - Feb '09 001


We finally got our table…..

Ron & Carol - Feb '09 003


Ron and Carol relaxing in the Bus……

Ron & Carol - Feb '09 006


Ron enjoying his “first” plate of dessert…….

Ron & Carol - Feb '09 008


and enjoying his second plate of dessert……

Ron & Carol - Feb '09 010 

The three sons…….. Shane, a spring candidate for a Business Degree, Brent, a spring candidate for a Music degree, and Josh, a musician with a successful band.  Click here to check out Josh’s band!!

Ron & Carol - Feb '09 014


While we ate, we parked the Bus in a nearby Sam’s store, where another motorhome was parked for the night.  We considered spending the night, but since we finished up at about 9:00pm, Patsy and I decided to hit the road for a couple of hours.

On Sunday morning, we woke up at a rest area on I-10 with about 350 miles to get home.  After we got on the road, we got a phone call from our DIL, and found out that our granddaughter, Aubrey, age 3, was at a cheerleading competition in San Marcos, TX. 

We changed our route a little, and met our Son, DIL, and grandkids in Shertz, TX at a Rudy’s BBQ for lunch, and the kids rode home with us in the Bus.  That’s the great thing about the motorhome life…… flexible travel!!

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