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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Morning at Lake Texana

The grandkids were really tired at the end of Saturday, and slept well in the Bus overnight.  We woke up to a cold morning (mid 30’s) on Sunday, but the kids were anxious to go outside and play.

They hit the playground again……..

Lake Texana - Feb '09 060

Lake Texana - Feb '09 062

Matthew remembered throwing rocks in the lake on Saturday, so we collected another bag of rocks, and threw some more……………..

Lake Texana - Feb '09 065

Lake Texana - Feb '09 068

Lake Texana - Feb '09 069

Lake Texana - Feb '09 070

Afterwards, they posed for a picture on an Oak tree limb with Grammy………

Lake Texana - Feb '09 076

Lake Texana - Feb '09 075 

On the way back to the Bus, we saw a bunch of buzzards resting on a dead tree…….

Lake Texana - Feb '09 081

To balance it out, we also spotted a red bird in a bush……….

Lake Texana - Feb '09 083

We packed up and left the park about noon.  Patsy and I will leave again on Thursday for a rally with the Lone Star Allegros at the Country Place Campground in Cut’n’Shoot, TX, where we will meet up with our traveling RV buddies, Manuel & Connie and Mark & Sue again.

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