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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Repairs & Recalls at Cummins in Houston


It’s been a while since my last posting.  We got home, spend some time with the grandkids, and then attended a rally of the Lone Star Allegro’s RV Club in Conroe, TX.  We had a good time, and ended up joining this group. 

We attended with friends, Connie and Manuel Esparza & Sue and Mark Didelot.  The Esparza’s and Patsy and I ended up joining the group.  We also volunteered to host the March rally, which is being held at the Lazy Longhorn RV Park in Victoria, TX.  To view happenings at the Conroe Rally, refer to the Esparza’s Blog.

After hearing about recalls on the Cummins engine in our Bus, and a hitch recall on it’s Spartan Chassis, I emailed the companies, and found that there were, in deed, recalls that needed to be completed.  Before the rally, I made arrangements to get the repairs done at the Cummins Service Center in East Houston on the following Monday. 

When we departed the rally on Sunday, Patsy and I went to the Cummins Service Center, and found a place to park ‘outside’ the gate.  We spent the night there to wait for the Monday morning opening.

Cummins - Houston 002

Cummins - Houston 003


Since we had time to kill on Sunday, we did some shopping.  I found some ‘brushed nickel’ hinges for the stained glass window that I am making for the Bus.  We also visited an IKEA store…… the first that we had been in since our trip to Alaska in 2005 in Canada.  They have some neat items, and we found a few for the Bus!

On Monday morning, we checked in with the Cummins Service Center, and found out that they had received the new hitch for our chassis recall.  I had also talked to a Spartan representative about our speedometer reading about 5mph fast since day one!  I confirmed this when we purchased a GPS last Christmas.  The recalls were fixed during the morning, but the speedometer fix required that the Bus be “parked” for a while to allow the dash computer to be sent to the factory, and returned. 

The Service Center provided us a place to park with a 50amp hookup with water and a dump facility nearby.  The computer was expected to be returned on Wednesday, but it came in on Tuesday.  That was good service.   Here is our parking space “inside” the gate:

Cummins - Houston 011 

This gave us Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to do some more shopping in Houston.  We visited a local Camping World store to buy a new sewer hose system to fit in 4” PCV storage tube that is a project for the Bus.

We left on Tuesday afternoon with our Cummins recall done, a new ‘heavy duty’ tow hitch, and a speedometer that is now ‘dead-on’.

We have been home for close to a week now, and have been catching up on chores around the house, and working on repairs and projects on the Bus. 


More later!!

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