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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stained Glass Window Project

Ever since we have owned the Bus, Patsy has not been real happy with the venetian blind over the sink in the kitchen area.  All of the other windows has an MCD shade on it, but this window has a venetian blind that rattles when we travel down the road.  She always had to lean over the counter and put it down for privacy at night, and raise it up when we drove to keep it from rattling.  Here’s the “before” picture":

First Night Pictures 019A

We had discussed putting a piece of stained glass over the window, but we never found a design that she likes.  Then this past January while in Quartzsite, we found it in a vendor’s booth at the big tent.  After we got home, we started working to figure out the “how” part of this project.  The final decision included making a ‘box’, having it hinged so we could still get to the window to clean it, and to put a light in it so we could see the stained glass design at night.  

Here’s the finished installation:

Stained Glass Window 007

Stained Glass Window 008

Stained Glass Window 004

Now, we need to take a trip and see if we are happy with it!!!

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