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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RV Visitors at Home


As I said in an earlier post, Patsy and I, along with our RV travel friends, Connie and Manuel Esparza are the hosts for a Lone Star Allegro Rally being held here in Victoria at the Lazy Longhorn RV Park.  Our traveling RV friends, Sue and Mark Didelot are also attending as guest, and showed up here last Sunday to visit for a while.  Here is a picture of their rig parked in our driveway.................... and since it looks kinda like our Bus, I think most of our neighbors think it is ours!!

Didelots in Driveway 012

On Monday, Mark and I did a lot of little jobs on his motorhome.  I showed him where to buy all the parts and did the supervision, while he did the manual labor!  The last job was to make some boards for Sue to paint signs on.   She has been making custom signs for RV’ers windshields while they are parked that have their names and pictures of their rigs on it.  Here is a file picture of one for me that she worked on……

Open House 004

We started with a 4x8 sheet of birch plywood that Sue approved at Lowe’s, and we had them rip it down the middle so it would fit in my CRV.  We took it home and used my table saw to the rest of the boards into 12” x 24” rectangles.  We then traced the pattern from my sign, and Mark cut out and sanded the ‘sign stock’!  Here are some pictures of him working:

Didelots in Driveway 001

Didelots in Driveway 004

Didelots in Driveway 009

and here are some of the finished stock……

Didelots in Driveway 006

While we were working, Patsy and Sue were visiting.  Patsy was soaking her foot on which she tore off the nail on her big toe at the Healthplex the other night while exercising, and Sue was cooking.

Didelots in Driveway 010

Didelots in Driveway 011

The Esparza’s will show up on Wednesday. 


More later……….

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