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Saturday, February 21, 2009

At Home – Spending Time with Grandkids

We arrived home from our Quartzsite trip on Sunday afternoon.  Since then, we have been busy catching up on mail, housework, and Bus cleaning.  We haven’t gotten very far on the latter….. we still have not washed it or the car!!! 

I have spent some time trying to figure out how to install the stained glass that we purchased in Quartzsite for putting in place of the venetian blinds over the kitchen sink.  So far, I have built the frame for the stained glass, and removed the blinds.  I am currently shopping for a 12v light to put in the window for night viewing.

Our daughter-in-law had her surgery on Wednesday, and did not get released from the hospital until Saturday.  We have been taking care of the grandkids since Tuesday night, and after being out of town for 6 weeks, Patsy is eating it up!!!

The kids know that we go on vacation every so often, and now they call a trip in the Bus, a vacation!!  They wanted to take a vacation, so we told them that if they behaved, we would take them for an overnight trip to Lake Texana park.  That is what we did on Saturday, and that is where I are posting this topic. 

Here are some pictures from our Saturday “vacation”.  The first one shows them on the new folding stools and plates that we bought them on our last trip.  Aubrey’s has a princess on it and Matthew’s has Spider Man on it.  They liked the stools and plates:

Lake Texana - Feb '09 001


Today, the park had a ranger that put on a program for the kids.  They made ‘tracks’ in paint, and got to see some caged snakes, turtles and small alligators.

Lake Texana - Feb '09 006


Aubrey had a lot of fun looking at sea animals in the display…………….

Lake Texana - Feb '09 008


Matthew had a lot of fun posing with a fake snake…..

Lake Texana - Feb '09 009


When the ranger saw him playing with the fake snake, she offered him a live one.  After a little coaxing, he got brave and handled it…………..

Lake Texana - Feb '09 010


Aubrey was a lot more reluctant to touch the live snake, but, after a while, she did………

Lake Texana - Feb '09 013

Lake Texana - Feb '09 012


They also spent a lot of time at the playground……..

Lake Texana - Feb '09 039

Lake Texana - Feb '09 045

Lake Texana - Feb '09 049

Lake Texana - Feb '09 054


They had a big day.  Tonight, we bathed and fed them, and they watched a DVD with the surround sound system……. and then fell off to sleep quickly!!!

More on Sunday!!!!

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