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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Farewell Party Cruise


We will be packing up and heading back to the USA border tomorrow morning.   As we did last year, we celebrated the end of our week in Mexico with a party cruise. 

Each rig brought their own meat to be grilled on the boat, and also brought a shared side dish.  The boat furnished unlimited margaritas, soft drinks, and water.  There were also tequila shots!!  We were on the boat for about 3 hours partying and eating, and then about 5:30pm, we left the dock to see the sunset at sea.  There was music and dancing the whole time.  All had a great time.

Here are the pictures, beginning with the boat and some of the people on it:

Party Cruise 026

Party Cruise 068

Party Cruise 029

Party Cruise 036

There were several birds, including pelicans, around the boat, and we got a couple of pictures:

Party Cruise 043

Party Cruise 057

Party Cruise 085

Party Cruise 062

Here are some pictures of friends on the cruise……


Connie and Manuel Esparza

Party Cruise 087


Lorraine and Chuck North

Party Cruise 091


Sue Didelot doing her version of a pole dance (after a couple of drinks), while husband, Mark, did a great job of grilling our steaks and chicken.

Party Cruise 098

Party Cruise 103

Party Cruise 033


The entire group in attendance…

Party Cruise 107


There was a lot of dancing……

Party Cruise 116

Party Cruise 119

Party Cruise 137

Party Cruise 148

Party Cruise 149


We all had a great time!!  Tomorrow, we are “On the Road Again!!’

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