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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Allegro Amigos -- Follow-up

Note: There is a new map on the left side of this page, underneath the pictures of our motorhomes. It shows the location in the world where people click on this blog. I actually stole it off of Annette Naylor's blog!!! Pretty cool, huh? Click on the map (not the note at the bottom) to view it.

We left Boerne on Sunday at about noon, and got home late in the evening. We got the Bus cleaned up on Monday and put it into the storage garage until our next trip in mid August. We then got busy around the house with 'chores', and I forgot to update the blog until I found some more pictures on my camera........... so, here goes.

We had an enjoyable time at the rally. We met Connie and Manuel, who have a Phaeton. They were parked next to us, and I had a good time at Manuel's expense picking on him about the Phaeton. I have to keep my skill up, since most of our Tiffin friends have Phaetons, and Mark and Sue ( http://didelottravels.typepad.com/) are going to order a new one in October of this year. Here's a picture of them in front of the #$%#% Pheaton:

Saturday evening, we went to the Rudy's BBQ near Boerne for dinner, and had a good meal. Here are some pictures of the group at dinner. In the first picture are Connie and Manuel and Dick and Dianne. We had first met Dick and Dianne at the Tiffin Fall rally in Murchinson, TX last October.

Here's another shot of the Bus at the campground. It was a nice campground.

Our next outing will be a rally with this same club. The venue is the Koyote RV Ranch in Medina, TX.

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