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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trip to Fredericksburg -- Day 1

We left Victoria today, and drove to Fredericksburg to spend a couple of days 'vacationing' before our first campout with a new Allegro Chapter, the "Allegro Amigos", which is centered out of San Antonio. The campout will be Friday through Sunday at the Alamo Fiesta campground in Boerne, TX.

We came to Fredericksburg through Boerne, and before we left, I checked diesel prices since we needed quite a bit. In Victoria, the best price was $4.69/gal and most of the truckstops like Flying J were at the $4.66 range. I had called a couple of Walmarts (Murphy Oil Co.), and the one in Boerne had diesel for $4.52/gal. With our extra 3 cent discount for using a Walmart Discover card, it was $4.49/gal. We ended up taking on 90 gallons, and that gave us at least an $18.00 savings!

We got to Fredericksburg about 2:00pm and checked into the Fredericksburg RV Park for two nights. It is a Passport America park, and it only costs us $16/night for full hookups, cable TV, and free WIFI. This afternoon, we decided to drive 25 miles to Kerrville, TX, and visit the Texas version of Stonehedge. Here is a reference site:


We got back to Fredericksburg, and did a driving tour of the main street to get ready for our shopping walk in the morning.

Here are some Stonehedge pictures.........

Tomorrow, we take on Fredericksburg...........

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Sven said...

Those fuel prices are pretty cheap!