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Friday, August 8, 2008

Lagoons RV Resort Rockport, Again -- Friday

We went to bed late last night, and consequently, we got up late this morning. Last night, I paid for WIFI service in the park, and it was lousy. I could connect, but it was slow, and blogger would not load pictures……….. even one at a time. Thankfully, my old standby, Days Inn Motel, was down the road and the WIFI was strong in the parking lot!! I loaded yesterday’s blog pictures this morning.

First thing this morning, we took the kids to the Rockport city beach. It is private, and you have to pay $4 a day to get in, but they keep it raked, and it is nicely kept. The water is really shallow for a long way out, and the kids had a good time, both playing in the sand and the water. Here are some pictures for Mom and Dad:

After the beach, we stopped at the Whataburge, and got some fish sandwiches to take back to the Bus.

After lunch, we hit the campground swimming pool again. Here are more pictures

After resting, we went for a drive to the fishing boat area to see the pelicans and sea gulls. There weren't many boats coming in, so the bird population was low. After getting some hamburgers for supper, we went back to the Rockport Beach area to watch the para-sailing skiers and play on the playground. First we took pictures of the dophin fountains at the RV park:

Tomorrow, we head home!!

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