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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amigo Allegros @ Koyote Ranch -- Thursday

Patsy and I left Victoria early on Thursday to head toward the weekend rally site just outside of Medina, TX. We decided to drive through San Antonio to have lunch at Papasitso’s Mexican Restaurant and then stay overnight at a Passport America campground in Bandera called “Riverside RV Park”.

We had a good trip to San Antonio, filling up with diesel at the Flying ‘J’ for $4.11/gal, and having lunch at Papasito’s. We arrived at the campground at around 4:00pm and got set up. The campground was a ‘mom and pop’, but for $10 a night with full hookup, great cable TV and free WIFI, it was a great deal.

I got on line and found out that a decision had been made to grill some steaks for Saturday night……… and we had not packed steaks. We decided to find a food store in Bandera to buy some steaks, and to drive the 20 miles to Koyote Ranch to check it out. We saw our spot at Koyote, and then drove back to Bandera to check out the town, and find a super market. Bandera is a somewhat a typical ‘hill country’ town with stone buildings and charm. Here are some pictures:

The following picture made me think of my old carnie buddy, Mark Didelot. He is going to become Tiffin Trash shortly and buy a junque Phaeton. He is currently looking for a tow vehicle to pull behind it, and I think that I found it in Bandera. It is currently parked in front of a fried chicken place:

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