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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Few Days in Savannah, GA; Then on to Charleston, SC – Monday & Tuesday

Disclosure:  Most (90+%) of the photographs in the blogs for this RV trip are from Laura…….. she has a better camera than me, so, I take the lazy way out!!!


Monday was our last day in Savannah, and we planned to leave after lunch and head to Charleston, SC.

Laura had wanted to take a trolley tour of Savannah, and also had made reservations to eat lunch at Paula Deen’s downtown restaurant, “Lady and Sons” for noon!  We decided that she and Patsy would take the car downtown and take the tour, while the kids stayed with me at the campground to ‘break camp’, and drive to a place to leave the Bus parked while we ate lunch at Paula Deens.  Aubrey had the choice to go with them, or stay with Matthew and I, and she chose to go with her Pop paw…….Smart Girl!!!

Here are some pictures that I ‘borrowed’ from Laura’s camera of their tour to give an idea of the Savannah look (starting with the tour guide) ……


I found a Wal-Mart just off of Exit 104 on I-95 that was easy to get into with the Bus.  We traveled there, and Laura and Patsy met us shortly after, and we all drove to the restaurant for lunch.  The food was good, but I would not fight anybody to be able to eat there!!  It was an experience!!   Of course, we were met and greeted by Ms. Paula herself….. kind of a flat personality!!


After lunch, we hooked up the car behind the Bus, and headed to Charleston.   Along the way, we stopped at the South Carolina Welcome Center…..


I had made reservations at the Oak Plantation Campground for 4 days, and we got there at about 4:00PM.Once we got there, and set up in our site, we just rested, cleaned up and watched TV, plus, we began to plan for our Charleston visit.  We are here for my nephew’s Air Force Retirement ceremony (20+ years) which is scheduled for Friday, 13June at 10:00AM at the local Air Force Base.

On Tuesday morning, we headed out about 10:00AM, and our first stop was the large Charleston Visitor Center in the middle of downtown.  We picked up city maps, got directions, and got our questions answered.

The first place that we headed was the Old Slave Market, where they currently sell arts and crafts, as well as other locally made items like food.  I had always thought it was where they used to sell/trade slaves in the old days, but a guide on a buggy ride that we took, told us that it was a place where Slaves used to sell their goods……… Kind’a like a farmer’s market, where you don’t buy a farmer, but his goods!!!  That was her example, and it worked for me!!

Downtown Charleston 156

While in the market area, also called The City Market, probably for PC reasons, we took a buggy tour (referenced just above) of the downtown Charleston area.  It was a large buggy that carried about 20 people and was pulled by two mules.  It was nice, and informative, but very hot!!  Here are several photographs of Charleston just give a flavor of it…..

Downtown Charleston 005

Not much more true than the following…….. especially the one on the RIGHT.  Just sayin’

Downtown Charleston 020Downtown Charleston 023Downtown Charleston 024Downtown Charleston 028Downtown Charleston 004

Here’s one of the “break” areas for the horses….. cooling fans, food, water, and rest!

Downtown Charleston 035Downtown Charleston 031Downtown Charleston 039Downtown Charleston 049Downtown Charleston 052Downtown Charleston 057Downtown Charleston 058Downtown Charleston 059Downtown Charleston 064Downtown Charleston 072Downtown Charleston 081Downtown Charleston 082Downtown Charleston 090Downtown Charleston 069Downtown Charleston 092Downtown Charleston 101Downtown Charleston 103Downtown Charleston 113Downtown Charleston 116Downtown Charleston 123Downtown Charleston 146Downtown Charleston 132Downtown Charleston 094

I needed this photo when I was still working!!  Only one way………. my way!!!!

Downtown Charleston 051

To cool off and also to get something to eat, we took the kids to the City Aquarium in Charleston which is located on the water in Liberty Square, along with the Fort Sumter National Monument.  The kids really enjoyed it, and we were also treated to a 3D movie.  Fort Sumter was in our plans, but time ran out.  We also spent some time along the docks.  We met my other nephew, John, there along with his wife, Kristine and baby daughter, Lillian.

Downtown Charleston 167Downtown Charleston 169Downtown Charleston 173Downtown Charleston 179Downtown Charleston 176Downtown Charleston 187Downtown Charleston 193Downtown Charleston 181Downtown Charleston 195Downtown Charleston 222Downtown Charleston 238Downtown Charleston 206Downtown Charleston 250Downtown Charleston 278Downtown Charleston 306Downtown Charleston 261Downtown Charleston 308

We also checked out a couple of nearby beaches to see which one where we would take the kids on Wednesday.  We looked at Sullivan Island Beach and the Isle of Palms Beach.  The latter was originally recommended by Michael, and won our vote for a Wednesday visit.  The following are pictures from the two beaches……

Downtown Charleston 336Downtown Charleston 337Downtown Charleston 332Downtown Charleston 344Downtown Charleston 350Downtown Charleston 365

We closed out the day with a meal at a BBQ place that was recommended by a storeowner at the City Market where Laura bought some local BBQ sauce.   We had a really good meal.


Downtown Charleston 375

Wednesday’s blog will follow….

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