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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Few Days in Savannah, GA – Saturday Afternoon

After we got the Bus set up in the campground, we drove down to the “River Street” area in Savannah.  We walked the length of this tourist area, sampling the pralines, ice cream, and other goodies………. 


At one point Laura and Aubrey chose to ride the ‘high bouncing’ trampolines, with Laura showing off with flips……..


At one point, Matthew and I dropped Patsy, Laura and Aubrey off at Paula Deens Gift shop and restaurant, “Lady and Sons”.  Laura seemed to like the wall signs….


As we drove around Savannah, we saw several of these “Slow Ride” vehicles around town.  I thought they were interesting…… except the people paying were giving the ride operator a ‘free’ ride!!


Friday was also Patsy and my 45th Wedding Anniversary.   Laura made reservations at a rated restaurant called “The Pirate’s House” in downtown Savannah.  Here are some pictures (the meal was great, and we had some fun!!)…….


The meal pretty much topped off our day, and we headed back to the Bus to rest!!

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