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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Few Days in Savannah, GA – Sunday

Our plans for Sunday were to drive out to Tybee Island, and visit the Tybee Island Light House and the Fort Pulaski National Monument.  We also wanted to take the kids to the beach.  However, early in the afternoon, it started to rain heavily, so the beach was delayed to a later day!

Laura had read that you could climb the 178 steps to the top of the light house and view the area from the observation deck.  So, that is what she and Aubrey did, while the rest of us waited on the ground!!


Laura with kids in the stairwell, and with Aubrey at the top…..


After touring the light house facility, including the out buildings, we drove to downtown Tybee, and found a place for lunch.  During lunch, the rain began, so we decided to head to Fort Pulaski for a tour.  The price was right……. Patsy and I used our National Park Pass to get all of us into the monument for free!!

We arrived just in time to get on the last guided tour.  Here are some pictures…….


The kids where they belong!!!!!


After the last tour, we headed back to the Bus to rest up from two days of touring the area.

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